Unequal Pay Vs. Gender Pay Gap

There are reportedly many companies who practice gender pay gap especially in industries where women seem to have been misplaced. We asked companies like Flush Heating & Plumbing Fulham, an HVAC, and plumbing company if their company have women companies and if they are being treated with equal rights. Most of the companies we asked disclosed that every employee in their company are being treated the same and are being paid for the job they do regardless of gender.

Each time there exists media coverage about unequal pay or gender pay gap, we pick up a few of the same misconceptions recurring. So we set all these misconceptions in a single spot – considering the facts you should know to take all of them down…

Unequal pay is not the same as the gender pay gap

Having to pay men and women in a different way for carrying out the same, or equal work is unlawful. A gap between regular pay for women and men, on the other hand, is absolutely not.

What is Gender Pay Gap?

A pay gap is simply not an indicator of unfairness and discrimination

Companies could categorize payments according to skills. If the company choose that women assume a part time role on a certain pay rate, no one could change this. However, the pay gap can be a hole for prejudice. In case businesses are regularly hiring ladies to junior tasks and endorsing men for senior roles, subsequently, it could possibly imply that their parental leave guidelines are substandard, for instance, or perhaps there exists prejudice within their hiring procedure.

It is certainly not THAT bad

The first reaction to accounts of the pay gap would be to attempt to unpick the information. A year ago, the standard nationwide pay gap had been 18.4 %, including full time and part time employees. Nevertheless, it had been generally noted as 9.1 %, the stats for full time workers only.

Leaving out part-time employees is taking away so much in the picture and the whole story is told differently. A lot more females work only part-time (for the reason that they are doing a lot of uncompensated nurturing duties which originate from having less inexpensive treatment) and also you will find a scarcity of options for part-time employees.