Raising Awareness Through Compelling Photographs

While there are a growing number of photography businesses here and around the world, there are equally as many photographers who are doing a great job capturing the realities of the world and raising awareness. If you are in Australia, check out cheap photographer Melbourne for awesome captures that are affordable. Today, let’s feature photographers with an advocacy to make a change.

Pictures are a strong and powerful instrument that could build consciousness and impact change. The graphic story made via pictures can easily move viewers to places, understand other cultures, learn other ethnicities, and learn geographies and events that would normally be unattainable.

Photographs document, inform and educate people. It is an effective resource to strengthen the efforts of many human rights movement to push forward change.

There are many photographers who share the same advocacy as that of the Human Rights reforms created by the United Nations. Sadly, to this date, there is still a huge account of human rights violation from domestic abuse to a larger scale human rights violation as a result of war and bombing in Syria.

Humanitarian Photographer – Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is a Humanitarian photographer who tells a compelling story and inspires change through her still captures. She was featured on Post Magazine on 14th of September 2017. You can check out her website at lisakristine.com with her slogan, Inspiring Unity Through Imagery.

The photographs of Lisa are mesmerizing. She has a remarkable talent to make people appear interestingly beautiful beyond the reality of their situation. Such are men, women, and children who are no longer living but just existing as slaves.

“I feel like I arrive to people with an open heart, and that creates a sense of comfort that allows people to show their true, authentic selves to me,” she says. “My aim, always, is to show their dignity. My work is born of trust and intimacy.

When I learned about the modern slave trade it hit me like a freight train,” says the American, who built her career taking photos of remote landscapes and cultures.” – Lisa Kristine, Post Magazine

Just like many people, Lisa has only become aware of modern slavery and the seriousness of this issue up until her exhibit in Vancouver in 2009. The Global Slavery Index of 2016 reports that there are roughly 45.8 million people who are currently in a web situation of slavery. With this realization, it is high time that there should something be done about it.