Five Human Rights Online Games

Human Rights is all over the internet. People fighting for their rights and news related to abuse, poverty, and all sorts of crimes that go against human rights. While we see human rights issue regularly being published online, we also see human rights in online games, such are Unblocked Games. In this post, here are five human rights games that will help you better understand how human rights are being inflicted in many social issues that we experience today.

Five Human Rights Online Games You Should Try

Ayiti: The Cost of Life

This online game is made to provide gamers a much better comprehension of how poverty can be a barrier to education and learning. The overall game and its connected curriculum had been released by UNICEF and also the NPO Global kids. The games start with authority within a family with Haiti and give every single member an important part with the supreme goal – to bring education to your children while trying to keep them happy and healthy.

Against all Odds

In this online game by UNICEF will give you the experience refugees are facing every single day – the hardships they have to bear. You are able to select from three situations such as Border Country, War and Conflict, and A New Life. What are you going to tell the harassing government bodies? What are you going to take if you need to run away?

Spent The Game

This online game will have you experience what a homeless person is going through. In the onset of the game, you are going to make choices relating to your job, your health and your lodging. The overall game has a wonderful sound style and design, that produces a very rigorous experience.

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route

This interactive online game will have you experience what a Syrian refugee will have been going through while attempting to get away from the war. On your quest, you are going to encounter a number of difficult choices which will have an immediate effect on your family. The quest can help you comprehend the issues refugees experience.

Prisoners of War

This online game provide you with a far better knowledge of the Geneva conventions and the Red Cross Movement. At first, the game will have you answer a few questions to be employed by the ICRC. Then, you will participate in specific tasks for instance construct a Prisoners of War camp which conforms with all the Geneva Convention III.