UPDATED: Wounded Warrior Project Lawsuit Against Indiana Veteran

I just had a look at the tax return for the Wounded Warrior Project and it immediately raised some questions in my own mind, especially in regards to the conclusion from the BBB that these folks spent only 4% on administrative salaries.

Take a look for yourself: LINK

I have forwarded this return to my own CPA for his opinion.

We’ll be following this story and let you know what we fiund out.



    In February of this year we withdrew our support, including links and advertising for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) because of their anti-gun (LINK) AND anti-religion (LINK) stances.

    We have absolutely no doubt that the WWP has done and continues to do many, many wonderful things for America’s wounded warriors that no governmental agency has done or can do for them.

    HOWEVER, this lawsuit may simply be a thinly veiled attempt to shut up a critic of the WWP.

    BUT, convoluting this case is the fact that the veteran criticizing WWP also runs his own veteran “charity” and is being accused of “unfair competition” in addition to false advertising, criminal deception, and defamation.

    The INDY STAR reports:

    The complaint, entered on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project, was filed in U.S. District Court on Thursday after Acton resident Dean Graham lambasted the group on an Internet website for his own nonprofit, Help Indiana Vets Inc.

    “WWP is a fraud … that needs to be investigated immediately,” Graham wrote in an undated post on his website, according to the lawsuit, which also claimed Graham said the organization has “an army of lawyers on staff to punish all those who try to expose [it].”

    […]Graham says the Wounded Warrior Project is a “for-profit” institution despite its nonprofit status and pays what he feels is too much money to its administrators while ignoring the needs of veterans.[…]

    The Better Business Bureau reports that in 2011 the WWP spend 83% of money collected on projects directly benefiting veterans and 4% on administrative salaries. Those figures don’t appear to support Graham’s claims.

    Still, I’m highly suspicious of lawsuits that even hint at suppressing criticism, especially those directed at veterans. WWP may win their lawsuit but I suspect in the end they will lose a lot more than money.

    I too have a low opinion of the organizational philosophy of the WWP. Am I, and others like me, next on their list of litigants?

    One Old Veteran


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5 Responses to “UPDATED: Wounded Warrior Project Lawsuit Against Indiana Veteran”

  1. Dean Graham says:

    One Old Vet, First of all I appreciate your service to our country. I believe your article is very well written. I invite you to visit our website and see the tax returns for WWP tax years 2011 and 2012. I am certain you may change your story a bit concerning how much money goes to Veterans.

  2. BD18 says:

    Well if it’s true these Folks don’t help out Vietnam Vets then that dang Country song They play is false advertising. I tried to link to Their tax returns but it didn’t connect. I didn’t know They were anti Gun and had an issue with the Christian religion but I read both articles and apparently there is a problem with both as far as They are concerned. Anyone know how many Vet’s are on their Board of directors?

  3. BD18 says:

    Well a trip to the WWP site answered My questions, over half of Their board are combat Vets and They DONT support Vietnam Vets. They got My last donation. Sin Loi WWP

  4. Dean Graham says:

    One Old Vet, Update: Dean Graham closed Help Indiana Vets and has filed a response to the frivolous lawsuit filed by WWP. They are still pursuing Dean Graham for exercising his First Amendment rights. See all the details on the Southern District Of Indiana Court. Judge Lynch is having phone meeting on the 25th of February with both parties.

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