51 Amnesty Related Stories 04.26.13

• 70+ votes for immigration reform? – Politico
• A National Security History Lesson for Marco Rubio – VDARE
• African-American leaders protest Senate’s immigration bill – The Daily Caller
• Ag Workers and Farmers Unite to Push Congress on Immigration Reform – Yahoo! News
• American Families Cannot Afford the Cost of Amnesty – CFP
• Amnesty Worse Than feared – Web Commentary
• Arizona officials promote immigration reform in Washington – AZ Capitol Times
• ‘Back tax’ provision is a fraud, and provisional residents CAN get welfare – RedState
• Bob Goodlatte outlines cautious path for House GOP on immigration – Politico
• Border security still on the table – The Sierra Vista Herald
• Boston Bomber’s Background Check Highlights Amnesty Bill Flaw – CIS
• California bishops back federal immigration overhaul – The Sacramento Bee
• Congress to talk immigration in May – NBC
• Dem lawmaker- Conservative opposition is stalling House immigration bill – The Hill
• Executives’ immigration dilemma- ‘We can’t find the workers’ – LA Times
• Holder- Amnesty is a ‘civil right’ – WND
• House lawmakers pull immigration to the right – The Hill
• House Republican offers few assurances on immigration bill – Yahoo! News
• House to take its time on immigration bill – Fox News
• ICE Union Tells Senate Committee Law Enforcement Locked Out of Negotiations – NumbersUSA
• Immigration bill has one terrible weakness – New Hampshire
• Immigration markup begins May 9 – Politico
• Immigration reform blowback from Boston – Washington Times
• Immigration reform gets boost from panel – SFGate
• Immigration Reform – Same Old Amnesty – Talk Radio News Service
• King- Immigration plan is ‘outrageous reach’ toward amnesty – The Gazette
• Labrador Emerges as GOP Point Man on Immigration Reform – US News and World Report
• McCain, Schumer warn House- Bill lacking path to citizenship a ‘nonstarter’ – The Hill
• More High-Skilled Guest Workers Would Lower Wages- Study
Obama uses Bush library dedication ceremony to push immigration reform
Pelosi rejects immigration bill without path to citizenship – The Hill
• Piece-by-piece on immigration in House – Washington Examiner
• Poll: Congress should not rush immigration reform – Washington Times
• Poll: Voters Like Immigration Plan, Skeptical Long-Term – WSJ
• President Bush optimistic about immigration bill – Yahoo! News
• Proverbial wall to legalization is border security – Chicago Muckrakers
• Republican critics see a rerun of healthcare law in Senate immigration bill – The Hill
• Ryan an Unlikely (But Key) Player in Immigration Reform – Real Clear Politics
• Rubio Talks Immigration Reform (Video) – Fox News
• Rubio: “we have de facto amnesty” – Mexican-American Times
• Senators fear push for gay rights in immigration bill could sink it – Detroit Free Press
• Senators Schumer and McCain See Huge Majority for Immigration Bill – ABC News
• Sierra Club backs immigration reform – Politico
• State, federal lawmakers aim for bipartisan immigration solutions – KVUE
• Ted Cruz- Principled Opposition To Rubio Amnesty Bill – Conservative HQ
• Texas – Skepticism on Immigration Law – NY Times
• US needs a comprehensive immigration reform- White House – India.Com
• Without a secure border, Congress is headed for another disaster – Bradenton Herald
• What Happened in Boston, Part 2 – CIS
• Zuckerberg-Backed Immigration Group Launches First Ads – Newsmax

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  1. DeanG says:

    The claim of 70+ votes for this garbage bill is interesting. It makes me wonder, is there any senator right now that is still truly undecided about there vote? Are there any that are honestly and objectively searching for the true impact this bill would have and weighing all the pros and cons? Are there any seeking out input from their constituents or are they in hiding? Montana residents passed LR121 (require proof of citizenship/legal status for acquiring state services) with 80% of their vote, yet, when Sen. Sessions proposed an amendment to the budget prohibiting illegal aliens who might receive RPI status in the future from receiving Obamacare, both MT senators voted against it. I realize that is not an apples to apples comparison as RPI visa holders would then be legally present, but I cannot help but feel the will of the MT voters was not reflected in their senators party line vote. The citizens are not being faithfully represented here.

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