33 Stories Related to Rand Paul’s Self-Serving Support of Amnesty for ILLEGALS

• AP stands by Paul citizenship report - Politico

• Does Rand Paul support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants? - NBC News

• From ‘amnesty!’ to assimilation – Two Pauls’ immigration stances - NBC News

• Rand Pau and Luis Gutierrez in step on immigration reform - Alaska Dispatch

• Rand Paul – Illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain legal status - Washington Post

• Rand Paul – Immigration plan got ‘trapped’ between ‘amnesty’ and ‘pathway to citizenship’ - Washington Examiner

• Rand Paul – Let’s Stop Using Terms ‘Amnesty,’ ‘Path to Citizenship’ - NRO

• Rand Paul – Pathway To Citizenship Is Needed, E-Verify Is Not - Huffington

• Rand Paul – When I advocate a ‘path to citizenship,’ people ‘close their ears’ – Twitchy

• Rand Paul alters immigration debate - Politico

• Rand Paul calls for ‘probationary’ status for illegal immigrants - Washington Times

• Rand Paul calls on conservatives to embrace immigration reform - LA Times

• Rand Paul Emphasizes Hard Work, Not Welfare, In Immigration Speech - Huffington

• Rand Paul endorses looser immigration rules, ‘path to citizenship’ - Daily Caller

• Rand Paul Hispanic Pitch Is Doomed - National Journal

• Rand Paul immigration plan – Border security before probationary legal status - Hotair

• Rand Paul Immigration Reform Plan Offers Yet Another Alternative - Latinos Post

• Rand Paul latest pol to be tripped up by ‘pathway to citizenship’ in immigration debate - Yahoo News

• Rand Paul Looks to Broaden Appeal by Backing Immigration Shift - Businessweek

• Rand Paul offers immigrants ‘normalization, not citizenship’ in proposal - The Raw Story

• Rand Paul offers proof that elections do change things - AJC

• Rand Paul Sees the Light on Immigration Just in Time for 2016 - Atlantic Wire

• Rand Paul speech ignites Twitterverse - Politico

• Rand Paul Spells Out His Plan for Immigration Overhaul - NY Times

• Rand Paul Supports A Path To Citizenship, But He Doesn’t Want You To Call It That - Business Insider

• Rand Paul takes AP to task for amnesty claim - Northern Colorado Gazette

• Rand Paul to ‘find a place’ for illegal immigrants - Politico

• Rand Paul to back path to citizenship - Politico

• Rand Paul Unveils Amnesty-Non-Amnesty Plan - Front Page

• Rand Paul walks a tricky line on immigration reform - NBC News

• Rand Paul’s useful speech on immigration - WAPO

• Top labor union stands with Rand Paul on immigration - Washington Examiner

• Why Rand Paul evolved on comprehensive immigration reform - The Week

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