More ILLEGALS Caught, Expecting Quick Release, Border Patrol Union Says

THE MONITOR | McALLEN — Illegal immigrants have started surrendering to local Border Patrol agents after crossing the Rio Grande, convinced they’ll be released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which recently turned hundreds of immigrants loose to save money.

In preparation for the sequester — federal spending cuts forced by Congress’ inability to reach a budget deal — ICE released several hundred low-risk illegal immigrants from detention centers last month and placed them on supervised released instead. The news reached illegal immigrants preparing to cross the border.

“These are people that are just voluntarily turning themselves in to our agents with the expectation they’ll be released,” said Border Patrol Agent Paul Perez, president of the Rio Grande Valley union of the National Border Patrol Council. “When you cross with the expectation that you’ll be released, there’s no need to hide, there’s no need to run. You just look for a uniformed agent and turn yourself in.”

ICE stopped releasing immigrants after the cost-cutting move sparked public outcry.

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2 responses to “More ILLEGALS Caught, Expecting Quick Release, Border Patrol Union Says”

  1. Pete says:

    Contact the Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. He’s flirting with the idea of legalization, but he was outraged by ICE’s release of thousands of criminals. Show him the results of Big Sis’s impeachable offense: (webform) and Phone: (202) 225-5431 Fax: (202) 225-9681

    Here are the other members of the committee:

  2. DeanG says:

    Does anyone know what they did with all these people? When I saw this a couple of days ago I just assumed they would be deported since ‘recent border crossers’ still falls under their so-called ‘prosecutorial discretion’ but in hindsight, and with every else that is happening, maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. Has anyone heard where all these people are at now?

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