Sen. Menendez Helped Revoke U.S. Visa of Pal’s Romantic Nemesis

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES | The New Jersey senator embroiled in a Dominican prostitution scandal abused his power to revoke the U.S. visa of his shady doctor pal’s romantic nemesis, according to a news report in the nation’s largest Spanish-language network.

It may sound like a bad telenovela, but it’s the real-life story of a United States Senator, Robert Menendez, who just recently won reelection. Menendez, the new head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been in hot water lately for a variety of transgressions involving a rich Dominican doctor friend (Salomon Melgen) who’s also a major political donor.

A few weeks ago the FBI raided Melgen’s south Florida office and spent two days confiscating boxes of files and records. Local news reports say Melgen owes Uncle Sam more than $11 million in unpaid taxes and he is being investigated for Medicare fraud. Melgen and Menendez are longtime buddies and the doctor has flown the Democrat senator to his luxury Dominican estate in Casa de Campo on his private jet several times.

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