21 Amnesty Related Stories 02.23.13

     •  Antonio Villaraigosa Calls For Amnesty In ‘Dream Is Now’ Video - Huffington
     •  Automatic budget cuts would hamper progress on amnesty scheme - Tickler
     •  Begich Ties Immigration Vote to Access to Cheap Labor for Canneries - CIS
     •  Business, Labor Groups Find Little Accord on Immigration - WSJ
     •  ‘Earned Citizenship’ At Center Of U.S. Immigration Reform Push - RFERL
     •  Guest-Work Plan Obama Opposed as Senator Resurfaces Today - Businessweek
     •  Hispanicked GOP Elite – They’ll respect us in the morning - WND
     •  Immigrants, advocates grow impatient with Obama - WAPO
     •  Krauthammer blesses ‘deeply flawed’ Rubio immigration plan - DC
     •  Latinos plead with Sessions asking him to help them and their families - AL
     •  McCain, Obama to meet on immigration Tuesday - Washington Times
     •  More than half of Congress has never debated immigration reform - The Hill
     •  GOP Worries Obama is Laying ‘Immigration Trap’ - NBC News
     •  Rubio Plan Isn’t Perfect, But It Is The Best Available - Investors Daily
     •  Sen. Jeff Sessions slams immigration pact supported by Boehner - Daily Caller
     •  Ted Cruz doubts President Obama on immigration - Politico
     •  The ‘Line’ For Legal Immigration Is Already About 4 Million People Long - NPR
     •  The U.S.-Mexico Border Got Secured. Problem Solved - Businessweek
     •  Walker supports path to citizenship - Politico
     •  What Back Taxes? - CIS
     •  WH immigration liaison opposes employer verification - NumbersUSA

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2 Responses to “21 Amnesty Related Stories 02.23.13”

  1. Pete says:

    Krauthammer wrote that although Rubio’s proposal is “deeply flawed and highly imperfect,” “the choice between the two proposals on the table today is straightforward.”

    Hey, Charles, there’s another choice: Reject BOTH plans! Enforce existing laws!!

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