White House, Rubio Spar on Amnesty

NBC NEWS | Sen. Marco Rubio really wants nothing to do with President Barack Obama’s immigration backup plan. Rubio’s office on Tuesday released a statement insisting that the plan the Florida Republican is working on has “major differences” from the White House blueprint that was leaked to USA Today over the weekend. Spokesman Alex Conant pointed to a number of measures they say are missing from the White House plan: tying the a path to citizenship to border security, a new visa exit system and a plan to deal with future immigrants. And Conant said no one in Rubio’s office has met with the White House to talk immigration.

White House spokesman Jay Carney addresses whether the release of a draft immigration bill was done on purpose. “President Obama and the White House staff are not working with Republicans on immigration reform. Senator Rubio’s office has never discussed immigration policy with anyone in the White House,” Conant said.

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One response to “White House, Rubio Spar on Amnesty”

  1. Steve Smith says:


    “Anchor Baby Corporate Socialist” is more accurate, “Democrat” still carries an “American” persona, Rubio is global, and corporate an enemy of the American working man whom he want’s to replace with a “cheaper foreigner” heavily subsidized by “sucker Americans”.

    Look at Rubio’s career, Florida was raped by mass legal and illegal immigration of every variety for the duration of his tenure, followed by mass institutional loan fraud mostly for the benefit of immigrants and aliens, but there’s more, FL was also mired in “Socialist hyper-environmentalism” under Rubio’s watch, to protect the environment from what? His own mass immigration policies?

    Why not oppose invasion and loan fraud?

    But wait there’s more, endless unquestioned banker bailouts-(mostly foreign Socialist banks), and a clouding of property title nationwide, Rubio is a 3rd world booby trap.

    I think he’s a Cuban Communist spy, a plant, a cold war relic like GW Bush, and his record is on my argument’s side.

    Rubio Blows.

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