Florida Spent $214m Treating ILLEGALS in the ER

BIZJORNAL | Florida spent $214 million in 2011 on medical care for illegal immigrants in the emergency room, according to a Kaiser Health News article.

The $2 billion federal program, called Emergency Medicaid, was passed in the late 1980s when hospital emergency rooms were required to treat all patients coming through the door. The program is mostly used to pay for delivering babies of women who show up in the emergency room.

According to the Kaiser analysis of the data, $214 million was spent on 31,000 patients in Florida.

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3 responses to “Florida Spent $214m Treating ILLEGALS in the ER”

  1. Kathy Peteler says:

    We what are you going to do? If they have made it into our country and they need medical assistance if you turn they away and they die or their baby dies, WELL, have we just committed murder. Do you want to put them in jail? In Florida it cost approximately $59.00 a day to house a prisoner and they are still going to be sick and/or giving birth. In my opinion (which let’s face it doesn’t matter anything to anybody), the problem is “where did they come from?”

    • OOV says:

      The ONLY medical assistance ILLEGAL aliens are entitled to is EMERGENCY medical care.

      • Long term dialysis is NOT EMERGENCY medical care.
      • Pre-Natal care is NOT EMERGENCY medical care.

      If they ain’t bleeding or haven’t stopped breathing just scoot them on down the yellow brick road, Dorthy…

      No, I don’t want to put them in jail. I want to return to our pre-Obama policy of shipping them home and letting their home countries provide their medical care.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion. While we may disagree your voice is important.


  2. DeanG says:

    Not trying to gang up on you Kathy but if that is your definition of murder then insurance companies are guilty every single day by denying POLICY HOLDERS potential life saving treatments. People who have actually paid premiums for years.
    Clearly the line must be drawn somewhere. As long as the free medical care is available it will continue to serve as a magnet and the problem only worsens with time. We could try determining the aliens country of origin and demand reimbursement in some form but I doubt you would see any cooperation. If a citizen of guatemala needed $50,000 in lifesaving treatment and a FL hospital administrator called Pres. Otto Molina himself asking for prepayment to save that person, what do you believe his reaction will be?

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