16 Amnesty Related Stories 02.11.13

     •  U.S. evangelicals support amnesty - Global Post
     •  Bipartisan Republican suicide proposal- GOP offered the poisoned chalice
     •  Border apprehension data doesn’t tell the whole story - San Marcos Mecury
     •  Cantor- children of illegal immigrants should get US citizenship - Chicago Tribune
     •  Cowardice or Courage? The Republicans’ Choice on Immigration - Huffington
     •  Durbin- Road to citizenship vital - Politico
     •  GOP Frets Over Image Problem with Latinos - Fox News Latino
     •  Has Sen. Bennet really thought about immigration? -Denver Post
     •  Illegal-immigration reform would reward lawbreakers - Nevada Appeal
     •  Immigration reform faces endurance test - Commercial Appeal
     •  Marco Rubio immigration bill sneaks in database expansions - Washington Times
     •  McCain ties border security to immigration reform - Politico
     •  On immigration, Texas is quiet - Politico
     •  Rand Paul wants  to turn illegals into citizen taxpayers - Washington Times
     •  The art of the deal on immigration reform - Arizona Central
     •  Try amnesty without the hypocrisy - Las Vegas Review Journal

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