Dems Risk Losing Control of Senate Over Guns & Immigration

LATIMES | WASHINGTON — Action in Washington over the next few months on gun control, immigration and fiscal policy will set the stage for a fierce midterm election battle next year, with control of Congress the ultimate prize.

Republicans are expected to keep their majority in the House, and history would suggest they might expand their numbers in the sixth year of a two-term presidency.

But the Democrats’ hold on the Senate is at risk, with competitive 2014 contests for at least nine of their seats — seven in states Mitt Romney carried in 2012. Republicans would need a net gain of six seats to overturn the Democrats’ 55-45 edge.

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One response to “Dems Risk Losing Control of Senate Over Guns & Immigration”

  1. erman says:

    if the republicans ever get the senate ,then the house had better get the impeachment paper ready to send to the senate ,and remove ,and to put on trial for
    the things obama has done .this should be the 1st thing done

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