30 Stories on Amnesty 02.02.13

•  Amnesty Could Lead To Biometric ID Cards – Huffinhton Post      
•  Amnesty may be tougher sell with House Republicans – Las Vegas Sun     
•  Campaign-Style Push in Hispanic Media – NY Times      
•  Castro to testify at immigration hearing on Capitol Hill – San Tonio Express      
•  Citizenship question roils both parties – Washington Post      
•  Democrats will kill Obama plan – WND      
•  Detroit Arabs urged to march for immigration reform – Arab American News      
•  Families First, Group Argues – Fox News Latino      
•  Former labor secretary joins Obama’s amnesty push – MSNBC      
•  GOP blames Obama for failure of last Senate push on immigration – The Hill      
•  House mull path to citizenship for illegals – Reuters      
•  How will we know border is ‘secure’? – AZ Central     
•  Is Congress finally serious about immigration reform? – KC Star      
•   Give SW Governors A Say In Border Security – Live Wire      
•  Legal immigrants – What about us? – CNN      
•  Navarrette – Reform not part of immigration – Amarillo Globe-News     
•  Opposing plans for amnesty may lead to D.C. showdown – VOXXI      
•  President ‘Open Borders’ – Washington Examiner     
•  President’s Plan vs. the Senate’s – Huffington Post      
•  Rasmussen – Real Border Control Has to Come First – GOP USA      
•  Rep. Labrador- Immigration Reform Cannot Reward Lawbreakers – NewsMax      
•  Republicans jump on immigration bandwagon – SFGate      
•  Republicans like Rubio face a balancing act with righ – Washington Post      
•  Rubio, immigration coalition still face hurdles – Florida Today      
•  Rubio’s Tea Party Ties Starting To Fray – WLRN      
•  Schumer’s Red Flag on Border Security – Rush Limbaugh      
•  Senate won’t rush immigration bill, Harry Reid says – LA Times      
•  There’s something suspicious about immigration plan – Record Net      
•  TN lawmakers cautious about path to citizenship – Tennessean      
•  What’s Behind Rubio’s ‘Full Circle Back’ On Immigration? – NPR News

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3 responses to “30 Stories on Amnesty 02.02.13”

  1. DeanG says:

    I find it difficult to have any faith in this whole idea of having a committee to decide when the border is secure. Even if you loaded the committee with hard-line law enforcement conservatives; what prevents Mexico from totally clamping down any traffic from their south and sending the word out to, as former pres. Calderon once called them, the cockroach army of heros, no more border crossings until the ‘all clear’ is given. After the so-called ‘trigger’ goes into effect then it will be back to business as usual. Even if the border was made secure tomorrow, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will remain that way two weeks from tomorrow but the next phase of their amnesty will have already been set in motion either way.
    In this rare instance I find myself agreeing with Obama. If you are going to force amnesty down the publics’ throat just do it without the pretense that you even care about border security. Everyone knows its just a spoonful of sugar to make the bitter amnesty go down. Once every illegal is made legal, you might as well just disband ICE and scrap E-verify too. What’s the point?

    • OOV says:

      Dean, You’re right on many points. There are no guarantees that funding will be at a level to maintain the security necessary to truly secure our borders.

      My metric would be that as long as drugs cross that border the border is not secure.

      Schumer has stated that the final word on security will rest with DHS no matter what the border governors declare.

      Just more lies and empty promises.


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