34 Stories on Amnesty 02.01.13

     •  ‘A scam’- National Review editor on Rubio’s immigration plan – The Blaze
     •  Amnesty Will Not Draw Hispanics to the GOP – Townhall
     •  Bipartisan immigration reform plan will cost trillions – Daily Caller
     •  Congressional Amnesty Blueprint an Unrealistic Wish List – GOP USA
     •  Cornyn Calls for Stricter Immigration Enforcement, Opposes Amnesty – KUT News
     •  David Vitter, Marco Rubio Aide Trade Jabs – ABC News
     •  Detroit activists call Senate, Obama proposals inadequate – Michigan Live
     •  DHS giving new immigrant welcome materials a makeover – Daily Caller
     •  Florida university presidents push for immigration reform – Miami Herald
     •  ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration plan ignores flawed visa system – Examiner
     •  Half a Million Peruvians Could Benefit from Amnesty – Peruvian Times
     •  House Set to Throw Its Hat Into the Ring on Immigration Reform – NewsMax
     •  Ilegal immigration opponents turn against GOP politicians – Kearney Hub
     •  Immigration reform may be tougher sell with House Republicans – Las Vegas Sun
     •  Immigration reform – Which states would feel it most – Christian Science Monitor
     •  Krauthammer- Build low-tech border fence, then amnesty – Press-Herald
     •  Krauthammer- Let’s try to get immigration reform right – Human events
     •  Nevada GOP Calls For Pathway To Citizenship – Huffington Post
     •  Nothing conservaitve about Marco Rubio’s amnesty – Washington Examiner
     •  Obama has already installed ‘amnesty’ – WND
     •  Obama offers rough timetable for immigration overhaul – Washington Post
     •  Obama Predicts Passage of Gun Control, Immigration Reform – Democracy Now
     •  Rahall strongly opposes Obama’s immigration plan – Register-Herald
     •  Reid: Getting Bipartisan Plan ‘Over The Finish Line’ – Huffington Post
     •  Rubio: Conservatives should lead on immigration – Human Events
     •  Rubio, Rush Limbaugh, and the Crux of the Matter – National Review Online
     •  Rubio’s folly – American Thinker
     •  The future of immigration reform – YouTube
     •  Three ways US immigration reform might impact Mexico – Washington Post
     •  UFW to march in support of amnesty – Monterey County herald
     •  US Wrestler Promotes Anti-Illegal Immigration on Mexican Tour – ABC News
     •  Vitter takes flak for Rubio comments – Politico
     •  White House Courting Business on Immigration Law Rewrite – Bloomberg
     •  Will ‘amnesty’ produce more illegal immigration – Yahoo News

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