33 Amnesty Stories 03.31.13

     •  Rubio Battle Immigration Plan- ‘A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing’ – Christian Post
     •  Arizonans torn on Obama’s immigration reform proposal – LA Times
     •  Border security trigger inevitable in immigration deal – The Hill
     •  Brewer still needs convincing – Capitol media Services
     •  CHQ Readers Go With Sheriff Joe On Illegal Immigration – CHQ
     •  Congressman Lamar Smith Gets It On Immigration – CHQ
     •  Fischer won’t support citizenship for illegal immigrants – Journal Star
     •  Grassley: Secure nation’s border before aiding undocumented – DMR
     •  Hoffa Statement On President Obama Amnesty – Digital Journal
     •  House group secretly crafts immigration plan – Politico
     •  Iimmigrant asks ca we trust Obama? – CNN
     •  Immigration hardliners despair over GOP moves – The Garden islan
     •  Immigration plan worries many in Republican base – ABC News
     •  Irish hopes rising on Obama Amnesty – Irish Central
     •  Is our border security working? It’s far from clear – Washington Post
     •  It’s Still Amnesty – Right Side News
     •  Lou Barletta Discusses Illegal Immigration – The Blaze
     •  Marco Rubio’s bad deal – Politico
     •  Mexico ‘welcomes’ new US immigration reform push – CNN
     •  Rubio talks, but will GOP listen? – PJ Star
     •  Missouri leaders stress security and enforcement – St. Louis Post-Dispatch
     •  Obama Confident Immigration Reform Passes This Year – KMBZ
     •  Obama: Do immigration by summer – Politico
     •  Obama Echoes Rubio on Immigration – National Journal
     •  Obama expects immigration reform bill as early as June – The Hill
     •  Obama’s immigration speech was full of tired cliches – GNOM ES
     •  Opponents Prepare for Immigration Reform Fight – Atlantic Daily World
     •  Phoenix-area Latinos express wary hope at reform plan – AZ Central
     •  Poll: How Strict Should ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ Be – Carlsbad Patch
     •  Senators Insist on Border Security Before – Latino Post
     •  Securing border may hold up bill – Columbus Dispatch
     •  Smith predicts bipartisan immigration reform will fail in the House – Daily Caller
     •  White House  ignores abusive actions by ICE and Border Patrol – Latina Lista

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