Proposed Amnesty Legislation From the Senate Treason Gang of Eight

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3 responses to “Proposed Amnesty Legislation From the Senate Treason Gang of Eight”

  1. DeanG says:

    Telling someone that is already living here, working here, using public roads,parks,schools here, ILLEGALLY that they must now go to the back of the line for their green card is like telling someone exiting a movie theatre they must now stand in line for their ticket after having already sneaked in and watched the film. Only much worse as they will continue to benefit from their residency here while being immune from any persecution or deportation. The ‘real’ back of the line should start in their native country.

  2. Ray says:

    When did My generation decide to throw away the gift that Our fathers gave Us by winning WW2? We just gave the Country to a pack of liberals and sell outs who would trade it all for votes. and we dont have the stone’s to take it back.

  3. Lynne Jennings says:

    What about all of them that used Americans Social Security card?Treason.These pols have just given our country away,BASTARDS!!

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