Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Breyer & Sotomayor Are Guilty of Hate Crimes

    I did a little research in response to this silly, but dangerous, Soros sponsored campaign to declare the use of the word ‘illegal’ as a hate crime.

    It seems even the liberals on the Supreme Court don’t share the Soros-lefties interpretation of that word including our favorite ‘Wise Latina’ Justice Sotomayor who led in the number of uses of the ‘I’ word during the oral arguments of Arizona SB1070..

    The following citations are taken directly from the Official Supreme Court Transcript of Oral Arguments in Arizona, et al v. United States, 11-182 (April 25, 2012) LINK

    All Emphasis is Mine     ~ One Old Veteran

12 JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: What happens if — this
13 is the following call — the call to the — to the
14 Federal Government. Yes, he’s an illegal alien. No, we
15 don’t want to detain him.
Reference: Page 7

15 JUSTICE BREYER: How do they have — well,
16 the same question, but — but I’m trying to think of
17 examples. Example one is the person is arrested. Now,
18 it says any person who is arrested shall have the
19 person’s immigration status determined before the person
20 is released. So I wonder if they have arrested a
21 citizen, he’s Hispanic-looking, he was jogging, he has a
22 backpack, he has water in it and Pedialyte, so they
23 think, oh, maybe this is an illegal person.
Reference: Page 10

15 JUSTICE SCALIA: That’s all the statute –
16 and you call up the Federal Government, and te
17 Federal — yes, he’s an illegal immigrant, but that’s
18 okay with us.
Reference: Page 16

Page 17
25 JUSTICE ALITO: Well, before you move on to
Page 18
1 the registration requirement, could I take you back to
2 an example that’s similar to the one that Justice Breyer
3 was referring to.
4 Let’s someone — let’s say someone who is a
5 citizen and a resident of New Mexico, has a New Mexico
6 driver’s license, drives across the border, is stopped
7 for speeding, not 60 miles an hour in a 20-mile zone,
8 but 10 miles over the speed limit on an interstate. And
9 the officer, for some reason, thinks that this person
10 may be an illegal alien. How would that work out?
Reference: Pages 17-18

Page 44
11 JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: I’m sorry. I’m a little
12 confused. General, I’m terribly confused by your
13 answer. Okay? And I don’t know that you’re focusing in
14 on what I believe my colleagues are trying to get to.
15 Making the — 2(B) has two components, as I
16 see it. Every person that’s suspected of being an alien
17 who’s arrested for another crime — that’s what
18 Mr. Clement says the statute means — the officer has to
19 pick up the phone and call — and call the agency to
20 find out if it’s an illegal alien or not.
21 He tells me that unless there’s another
22 reason to arrest the person — and that’s 3 and 6, or
23 any of the other provisions — but putting those aside,
24 we’re going to stay just in 2(B), if the government
25 says, we don’t want to detain the person, they have to
Page 45
1 be released for being simply an illegal alien, what’s
2 wrong with that?
4 JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Taking out the other
5 provisions, taking out any independent state-created
6 basis of liability for being an illegal alien?
Reference: Pages 44-45

14 JUSTICE SCALIA: Are you objecting to
15 harassing the — the people who have no business being
16 here? Is that — surely you’re not concerned about
17 harassing them. They have been stopped anyway, and all
18 you’re doing is calling up to see if they are illegal
19 immigrants or not.
Reference: Page 46

4 somebody from Arizona calls, answer their question, and
5 don’t even bother to write it down. Okay? I stopped
6 somebody else, is he legal or illegal, let me check –
7 it’s, oh, he’s illegal. Okay, thanks, good-bye.
Reference: Page 49

20 person is already stopped for some other reason. He’s
21 stopped for going 60 in a 20. He’s stopped for drunk
22 driving. So that decision to stop the individual has
23 nothing to do with immigration law at all. All that has
24 to do with immigration law is the — whether or not they
25 can ask the Federal Government to find out if this
Page 50
1 person is illegal or not, and then leave it up to you.
2 It seems to me that the Federal Government
3 just doesn’t want to know who is here illegally or not.
Reference: Pages 49-50

Page 63
25 JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: General, when — when –
Page 64
1 I know your brief, you had — you said that there are
2 some illegal aliens who have a right to remain here.
3 And I’m just realizing that I don’t really know what
4 happens when the Arizona police call the Federal agency.
Reference: Pages 63-64

11 CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: I had a little –
12 wasn’t sure about your answer to Justice Kennedy.
13 Is the reason that the government is not
14 focused on people who are here illegally as opposed to
15 the other categories we were talking about because of
16 prioritization or because of lack of resources?
17 You suggested that if the — every illegal
18 alien that you identify is either removed or prosecuted,
19 that that would cause tensions with other governments.
Reference: Page 66

17 CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: And your concern is
18 the problems that would arise in bilateral relations if
19 you remove all of these people, or a significant
20 percentage or a greater percentage than you are now.
21 Nothing in the law requires you to do that. All it does
22 is lets you know where — that an illegal alien has been
23 arrested, and you can decide, we are not going to
24 initiate removal proceedings against that individual.
Reference: Page 69

2 Confrontation — no Confrontation Clause problem with
3 that? With relying on a call to a Federal agency and
4 the police officer says, you’re arrested, you’re
5 charged, it’s not an illegal alien — or it is an
6 illegal alien.
Reference: Page 77

11 JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: No, no, no. How
12 about — how about they get a response, yes, it’s an
13 illegal alien?
14 MR. CLEMENT: And they bring a prosecution
15 under section 3 –
16 JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: So how — where do they
17 get the records that show that this person is an illegal
18 alien that’s not authorized to be here?
Reference: Page 77

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