Super Shelter Modified for the Eastern Woodlands Part 1 (Survival Video)

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5 Firearm Related Videos 12.14.13

Suppressed S&W M&P-22
Taylor’s New Model 3
Heirloom Guns
Handsome Concealed Carry Belt
Magpul MOE Mossberg 500 & 590/590A1 Stock & Forend Review

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American Veteran News 12.14.13

• 2K US Veterans Lobotomized in ’40s, ’50s
• 7 World War II veterans honored
• 13 Tax Deductions You Shouldn’t Ignore
• Bath VA to drop ER and ICU in January
• Bill targets ‘pension poachers,’ but some worry it doesn’t go far enough
• Bluebird man forms friendship in dying days
• Canton Veteran to Receive Special ‘Welcome Home’
• ‘Cross Not Coming Down Anytime Soon’
• Delegation calls on Shinseki to return Hot Springs VA to full operation
• File for disability retirement and SSD-
• Free dental care available in Phoenix
• Friend uses crowdfunding to help veteran
• George Washington, whiskey, an Emerson custom knife and helping Navy SEALs
• Happy 377th birthday, National Guard
• Hepatitis C prevention efforts under way
• Iron Mountain VA offers E-Donate to support local veterans
• Judge Orders Removal of San Diego War Cross
• Lawmakers promise review of military pension cuts
• Legion holds wreath ceremony today at National Cemetery
• Local guide dog Coastie to help Marine Corps veteran
• Man Burned in Fire at VA Hospital in Long Beach
• ‘Military Day’ returns to Pioneer Hall, Museum
• Minnesota Bound- Veterans return to great outdoors
• Native American Veterans Receive Congressional Gold Medal
• New Resources, Old Obstacles for Vets With PTSD
• Potential Sites Listed For New Arkansas Veterans Home
• Rapid City VFW Under Suspension
• Retirees May Get Tricare Prime Back
• Senate Supports Purple Heart for Fort Hood Victims
• Teacher asks students to learn history from those who lived it
• Unclaimed Veteran Cremains Laid to Rest at Beaufort National Cemetery
• VA Claims Backlog Falls But More Work Ahead
• Veteran recalls PT boat ‘adventures’
• Veterans advocates disappointed in lack of legislation for 2013
• Veterans can get business clothing, attend jobs fair at Detroit VA
• Veterans group to fight order to tear down landmark California cross
• Veterans see armory as new home
• Wreaths To Be Laid in Alton
• WWI veteran finally gets medal
• WWII aviator shot down in Germany to be buried in Colo.
• WWII Navy Veteran Recounts Submarine Exploits

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Hanoi John Kerry Comes to the Defense of Mexican ILLEGAL Who Killed an American Cop — All in the Name of Currying Favor With Mexico

FOX NEWS LATINO | U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Texas officials earlier this week that the planned execution of a Mexican man convicted of killing a Houston police officer could do more harm than good, especially in regards to Americans detained overseas.

Edgar Arias Tamayo, a 46-year old Mexican man, was in the country illegally when he killed Houston police officer Guy Gaddis. Tamayo was arrested by Gaddis outside a nightclub in 1994 for robbery. While being transported to jail, Tamayo pulled out a hidden gun and shot Gaddis fatally.

Now his case has attracted the attention of the State Department because of a judge’s September decision to set his execution for Jan. 22 and the revelation that Tamayo was not notified of his right to contact the Mexican consulate, in violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

Tamayo’s case was one of 51 in the U.S. – 14 of them in Texas – that the International Court of Justice, the United Nation’s top judicial body, asked the United States to review the judgment in 2004 as part of an examination of possible violations of the Vienna Convention.

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Here’s One Reason NOT to Drink & Drive

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John Kerry Sings “Stand by Iran” (Capitol Steps Satire)

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5 Articles From the Center for Immigration Studies 12.13.13

A Muted Welcome, Please, for the Newest Nonimmigrant Visa (T-6)
By David North, December 13, 2013

What the world needs now is not another immigration-expanding, nonimmigrant visa class, but that’s what we have in the brand-new T-6 visa.

It’s another one of those government-created, chain-migration systems in which an illegal alien with a plausible story ultimately can provide legal status for his or her alien nieces and nephews; grandparents and grandchildren; not to mention children, spouses, parents, and the like — whether or not he or she has actually seen them face-to-face. 

Politics through Distraction; Governance through Fiat
The Administration’s Immigration Tactics Are Starting to Backfire

By Dan Cadman, December 13, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, President Obama decided to go to San Francisco — a stalwart sanctuary city if ever there was one and a metropolitan area generally in tune with his weltanschauung — to talk about immigration. Apparently tired of the constant drumbeat of negative publicity about the failed health care website and concern over a number of other major policy issues, such as spying on American citizens’ telephone and Internet metadata, that have adversely reflected on the administration and caused Obama’s favorable standings to plummet in the polls, he went to his base for support.

Distinguishing Deserving and Less Deserving Legalization Candidates, Part 2
By Stanley Renshon, December 13, 2013

The question of how to implement a small grand bargain that couples legalization for some groups of illegal aliens with the introduction of serious and effective enforcement mechanisms starts with the question of which comes first.

Putting enforcement measures into place first makes sense in order to avoid past mistakes. Yet it also has the effect of helping to increase the level of support for Americans who would like immigration reform, but do not have confidence that their government has the will or ability to keep the problem of illegal migration from becoming an issue again, soon. 

Much EB-5 Action: Mayorkas Advances, Casino Deal Exposed, Lawyer Zapped
By David North, December 11, 2013

There was much activity today related to the EB-5 immigrant investor visa: EB-5 booster Alejandro Mayorkas’s nomination moved forward in the Senate, an EB-5 deal in Las Vegas with political ramifications was exposed, and (to quote the Florida press) “one of the nation’s biggest EB-5 lawyers” being barred from practicing immigration law. 

Distinguishing Deserving and Less Deserving Legalization Candidates
By Stanley Renshon, December 11, 2013

Deciding to go ahead with a small grand bargain in which legalization for some illegal aliens is coupled with real and effective enforcement is one part of a large three-piece puzzle.

The second part of that puzzle requires answering the question: Which, if either, of the two should come first? The three options are legalization in practice if not in final, official status first; real and effective enforcement first, or both together.

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China Is Messing With the Wrong Navy!


• China Pulls an “In Your Face” — FOX NEWS

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Blasphemous ILLEGALS Compare Their Criminal Trespass to the Birth of Christ

AZSTAR | DOUGLAS — Separated by steel bars that divide Agua Prieta and Douglas, participants in a cross-border posada Tuesday recalled Joseph and Mary’s journey in search for lodging — and the journey of all the migrant families.

About 70 people gathered on both sides of the border to celebrate the binational posada, where participants on the Mexican side asked for refuge in the United States. Community members and migrants taking part in the event sang an adaptation of the traditional lyrics where one group asks for refuge while the other declines until they arrive at a home where they are welcomed.

“It’s a reminder to open our homes, our churches and our community to those who aren’t from here,” said Mark Adams of the binational ministry Frontera de Cristo. “And by doing so we are welcoming Christ.”

On Tuesday, instead of seeking refuge in homes, participants sang stanzas through the border fence that told the story of a migrant who left her children behind because she had no other option.

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Rep. Steve King: GOP Bracing for Bruising Amnesty Battle

WND | Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, considers 2013 a win for opponents of legalizing illegal aliens in the United States, but he fears a bruising fight in the new year against congressional Democrats and likely his own leadership.

In the wake of President Obama’s 2012 re-election and Democrats retaining the U.S. Senate, comprehensive immigration reform was considered by many to be as good as done. In May, Senate overwhelmingly approved the so-called “Gang of Eight” plan, which conservative critics immediately labeled as amnesty.

For King and other opponents of this approach to immigration reform, their plan was pretty simple.

“We formed a group in my office back in February to do battle with what was emerging from the Senate and what was starting to emerge from the House, against their amnesty legislation that was coming. Our goal was to get through the first month, then the second month and could we get to Memorial Day and then the Fourth of July, then Labor Day? Now could we get all the way to Christmas and we essentially have,” King said.


• Goodlatte hopes for immigration reform ‘sometime’ in 2014 — NYDAILY.COM

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ILLEGALS Block Transfer of Immigrant Detainees

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N.J. Dream Act Immigrant Tuition Measure Gets Closer to Chris Christie’s Desk

NJ.COM | TRENTON — Even though Gov. Chris Christie has vowed that he won’t sign it, a state Assembly panel today approved the state Senate’s version of a bill that would grant in-state tuition to some unauthorized immigrants.

The bill now requires a vote in the full Assembly before it reaches Christie’s desk.

The Assembly Budget Committee voted 8 to 4 in a party-line vote to approve the measure (S2479), which would allow unauthorized immigrant students who graduated from high school in New Jersey after attending for at least three years to pay the lower in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities.

The committee had already approved its own version of the bill in June. But today it amended it to match the version that has already passed the state Senate. That version would make those students eligible for state financial aid programs.

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House Hearing Investigates Asylum Fraud

BRENDA WALKER | On Thursday morning, the House Judiciary Committee took up the subject of Asylum Abuse: Is it Overwhelming our Borders?

For Democrats and other friends of victimhood, providing an abundant welcome for the hard-luck cases of the planet is job #1. The Dems consider a cushy reception to be far more important than public safety from hostile characters, ranging from Mexicans claiming a “credible fear” (who may be cartel members) to head-choppy jihadists from around the Muslim world. The point is that more people are gaming the system because they are often successful, and there is no penalty for attempting asylum fraud.

The testimony of Ruth Wasem of the Congressional Research Service had several charts showing the rapid rise of asylum claims over the last year or two. Below is one example:


• Immigration claims for asylum soar — LA TIMES

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Did Gun Control Kill Illegal Alien Amnesty?

FRONTPAGE MAG| I don’t really accept the broader argument of this piece that Obama sidelined his second term by embracing gun control. That honor clearly belongs to ObamaCare.

But it is plausible that Obama and his Republican co-conspirators could have rammed through illegal alien amnesty while Republicans were still scratching their heads over the whole “the immigration system is broken”, “border security” and “demographic inevitability” sloganeering.

Instead though, Obama was arrogant enough to think that he could establish total liberal dominance by breaking the NRA, the only real right-of-center lobby still influential even among Democrats.

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ILLEGAL Charged With Raping Young Child in North Carolina

EXAMINER | On Friday, police in Raleigh arrested Leonardo Miranda Garcia, 25, after he reportedly raped a girl under the age of 13.

WRAL reported:
The arrest warrant indicates the alleged crimes happened Friday, but it did not say how he knew the child.

Garcia has been charged with first-degree rape and and indecent liberties with a child. He is currently being held at the Wake County Detention Center on an immigration detainer.

The state of North Carolina is currently experiencing a virtual crime wave at the hands of illegal aliens, due in large measure to the fact that all of the state’s major cities now have ‘sanctuary’ policies in place, shielding illegal aliens from detection and deportation.

The citizens’ advocacy group known as NCFIRE has identified the following locations assanctuary cities: Asheville, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greenville, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Pittsboro, Siler City, and Winston-Salem.

The website Sanctuary Cities, also lists Charlotte as a haven for illegal aliens.

Despite the overwhelming objections from the citizens of the Tarheel State, officials have gone out of their way to lay out the welcome mat for illegal aliens…

-Earlier this year, Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison stood with the head of North Carolina’s DMV in announcing that beginning in May, driver’s licenses would be issued to illegal aliens throughout the state.

-In 2003, the Durham city council adopted a measure known as Resolution #9046 which prohibits police officers from inquiring into anyone’s immigration status, unless they are suspected of committing a ‘serious crime.’

The move effectively made the city of Durham a sanctuary for illegal aliens, a policy with which the city’s police chief Jose Lopez Sr. has repeatedly voiced his approval.

It should be noted that Raleigh, North Carolina is exactly 1,618 miles from the border town of Juarez, Mexico.

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