American Veteran News 03.17.13

Navy Buries Two USS Monitor Sailors

• 45 years later, impact from My Lai case is still felt
• An Aging American Legion Fights for Relevancy
• Army releases findings of Madigan PTSD investigation
• Army veteran who helped many in Iraq couldn’t escape demons
• Bataan Death March victims, survivors honored
• Chapter shows how to find Revolutionary War ancestor
• Four generations of a military family in Cumberland County
• Four generations of military service recognized
• Hundreds turn out to local veterans benefits fair
• Institute at Fayetteville State University to treat PTSD, pain
• March at White Sands Missile Range to honor Bataan veterans
• National Coalition For Homeless Veterans
• Oregon Veterans’ Home In The Dalles Wins Top Rating
• Patriot Guard Riders look to still honor, respect vets
• Paying our debt to Iraq War veterans
• Proposed cuts unfair to soldiers & Vets
• Purple Heart lost in Bakersfield to be returned
• The VA Mess
• The wait drags on for veteran seeking benefits
• To help a veteran, you need to help the family
• Two Central Texas veterans posthumously honored with war medals
• VA clinic adding new service to attract more veterans
• VA to establish chiropractic residency program
• VA’s delays, errors create hardships for veterans
• Veterans offer compelling stories at Miami outreach event
• Vets face 7-month wait on disability claims
• Vets object to pharmacy changes
• Vietnam vets to be honored at Mills Park
• WWII Veteran Honored Through Hospice Ceremony

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Today’s Sermon: Applying the Gospel


Today’s Sermon: Applying the Gospel 

Series — The Resurrected Gospel: Bringing the Message and our Passion for the Good News Back to Life (Part 1 of 4)

Click Below to Listen to This Sermon:

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Romans 1:14–17, ESVI am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish. So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”” (Romans 1:14–17, ESV)

Today we begin a four-part series on the subject of personal evangelism.  This is part of a broader effort in 2013 to live out a vision for maturity that includes an intentional focus in three key areas:

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If Obama Can’t Get Congress to Disarm the American People He Will Ask the UN to Do It

THE HILL | The United Nations on Monday will once again take up an arms trade treaty that has drawn the NRA’s ire amid assurances that the Obama administration is “steadfast in its commitment” to getting it done.

The White House helped pull the plug on treaty talks ahead of last year’s election amid heavy lobbying by the U.S. gun lobby. Now the world body is taking another shot at reaching consensus on a treaty, and this time the Obama administration says it’s committed to getting it done.

“The United States is steadfast in its commitment to achieve a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty that helps address the adverse effects of the international arms trade on global peace and stability,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement Friday.

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The SPLC Is at It Again

VDARE BY CHUCK BALDWIN | Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is at it again. In their typical obsessive hate-filled paranoia, the SPLC has issued another baseless assassination piece against anyone whom they consider to be “right-wing.” They call their hit piece, “The Year in Hate and Extremism.” Of course, only “right-wing” leaders are so characterized. According to the SPLC, left-wing leaders are always the voices of reason and goodness. Barf!

The SPLC article lists several conservative leaders as examples of “hate and extremism.” They include Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), U.S. Representative Trey Radel (R-FL), former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel, FOX News radio host Todd Starnes, and’s Tony Adkins. “Even further to the right,” according to the SPLC, are Oath Keepers (founded by Stewart Rhodes), Judicial Watch’s Larry Klayman, and, yes, yours truly.

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Video Message From OOV 03.15.13

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New York Gun Laws: Background Checks Now Required for Private Sales

NEWSDAY | New York’s new gun control law now requires federal background checks for private firearms sales. The provision taking effect Saturday requires checks by a licensed gun dealer, who can charge $10 and issue a form showing the prospective buyer passed.

Dealers already must use the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System before they sell guns.
Federal law prohibits sales to many convicted criminals, people judged mentally defective, fugitives and illegal aliens.

New York’s statute, enacted Jan. 15, immediately banned in-state sales of guns newly classified as “assault weapons” because of a single military-style feature, like a pistol grip on semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines.

Other provisions effective Saturday require mental health professionals to report patients likely to seriously hurt someone and set tougher penalties for many gun crimes.

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More Birth-Tourism Births Than Indigenous Births in Cnmi

CIS | There were more births to Chinese tourists in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands last year than there were to the indigenous population, the Marianas Variety is reporting in its March 14 edition.

These islands, a U.S. territory just north of Guam in the Western Pacific, are known to be attractive to wealthy pregnant Chinese women wanting to give their babies U.S. citizenship — the ultimate birthday gift in their eyes — as we reported in a previous blog, but the full extent of the trend was not known until now.

Data provided in the article, and via e-mail, indicate that more than one-third of the islands’ births last year were to Chinese women, with the total up by 175 percent from the level of just two years ago. These were the numbers of births in 2012:

• Chinese, mostly tourists: 356
• Indigenous residents: 295
• Filipino residents: 216
• Koreans: 32
• Caucasian residents: 19
• All others: 86
• Total: 1,004

While the number of births to Chinese mothers soared, those to the indigenous, Filipino, and Korean populations fell by about one-third, on average, compared to 2010.

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Spring Break News: What Happens in Cancun Stay in Cancun — in a Body Bag — 6 Murdered in Cancun Bar

CHICAGO TRIBUNE | MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Two men armed with a machine gun and a handgun opened fire in a bar on the outskirts of the Mexican tourist resort of Cancun on Thursday, killing at least six people and wounding five, the office of the state’s attorney general said.

Cancun, a major tourist destination on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, has largely escaped the drug-related violence that has racked Acapulco, a faded tourist hot spot on the Pacific coast. Last month, six Spanish women were raped by hooded gunmen who forced their way into the Acapulco beach house the women had rented.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has vowed to reduce the violence that soared after his predecessor, Felipe Calderon, launched an assault on drug cartels. More than 70,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since 2007.

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AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Slams Lying Obama Administration After the Rearrest of Criminal ILLEGALS

BIZPAC REVIEW | U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Congress Thursday it sent out agents to rearrest four of the most violent, dangerous illegal immigrants released last month due to sequestration cuts.

The agency’s director John Morton testified that ICE released 10 “level one” offenders. Four of them were brought back in and the remaining six were considered “nonviolent,” the Washington Times reported.

According to the Times, Morton said the agency released a total of 2,228 immigrants. “Of those, 629 had criminal records, though Mr. Morton said they were low-level offenders,” the article said.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer slammed the Obama administration after learning the numbers, the Times said:

Today’s ICE testimony directly contradicts repeated assurances and explanations peddled by the Obama administration in the days after the mass release of illegal aliens became public knowledge. The American people were initially told there were hundreds, not thousands, of individuals released. We were assured they were low-level detainees of little public risk. As we now know, neither of these claims was accurate.

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NRA’s Chris Cox and Kyle Weaver at CPAC 2013

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21 Amnesty Related Stories 03.16.13

• Bipartisan House Group Nearing Agreement on Amnesty - New York Times
• Boehner meets with House members on immigration bill timing - WAPO
• Business-labor talks on immigration reform hit skids at worker visas - The Hill
• Conservatives brainstorm immigration fix - Washington Times
• CPAC discusses GOP immigration policy - USA Today
• CPAC panel- No, illegal immigrants don’t need a path to citizenship - WAPO
• CPAC Reveals GOP Not on Same Immigration Page - US News & World Report
• CPAC surprise- optimism about immigration reform - Christian Science Monitor
• Florida farmer vilified after endorsing immigration reform - LA Times
• Fortune 500: Excluding Same-Sex Couples Is Bad For Business -IBT Times
• GOP leadership backs Democratic-supported immigration bill - Daily Caller
• Immigration reform a ‘suicide mission’ for GOP - CBS News
• Immigration Reform Could Cost Social Security Billions - Yahoo News
• Latino leads House against immigration reform with path to citizenship - Voxxi
• NY Times Continues Amnesty Propaganda Campaign - Newsbusters
• Perry Favors Alternative Solutions to Immigration Issue - Newsmax
• Senate Considers a Path to Citizenship for Immigrants With Temporary Status - ABC News
• Senate group considers large cut in family visas as part of amnesty deal - WAPO
• Senators aim to reach bipartisan immigration deal next week  - Reuters
• The immigration debate’s great hoax - Deseret News
• Young Immigrants’ Applications to Stay in U.S. Fall Sharply - Wall Street Journal

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The Cost of Illegal Immigration in the Tri-Cities

KEPRTV | RICHLAND, Wash. — “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,” said Patricia Mendoza, slowly but with confidence. The Pledge often begins in grade school, now in her 20′s, Patricia Mendoza can finally recite it.

“I feel different,” she said. Different, because for the first time in her life, Patricia can say, ‘I’m an American.’ “I’m really excited to be a citizen.”

Patricia’s story is few and far between in the state of Washington. She’s was one of 20 who became a citizen on Thursday in Richland. The government estimates 17,000 will become citizens in Washington State this year. It might sound like a lot, but KEPR learned there are likely 275,000 people living in the shadows, right now; people who came here illegally.

“It’s thought-provoking because there are so many people who have taken the steps to be naturalized citizens and the process is one that we welcome,” said Honorable Edward F. Shea, Senior District Judge. “We want that, but we want it to be done legally.”

When it isn’t done legally, you end up paying the bill. More than $1.5 billion in Washington taxpayer money goes to education for illegal immigrants, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform — known as ‘FAIR.’ The group cites another $650 million is spent on healthcare and social services every year too. It all adds up.

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Sandy Hook Families Rip Michael Moore’s Call to Release Crime Scene Photos

FOX NEWS | Filmmaker Michael Moore’s suggestion that showing crime scene photos of the children slain at Sandy Hook will hasten the demise of the National Rifle Association is not getting rave reviews in the shattered Connecticut community.

The left-wing social critic wrote in his blog Wednesday an item titled “America, You Must Not Look Away (How to Finish Off the NRA),” in which he recommended releasing the undoubtedly gruesome photos of the 20 children killed on Dec. 14, 2012, some of whom were shot up to 11 times. Moore said the fact that Americans have “done nothing to revise or repeal” the Second Amendment “makes us responsible.”

“ … and that is why we must look at the pictures of the 20 dead children laying (sic) with what’s left of their bodies on the classroom floor in Newtown, Connecticut.”

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New Border Security Plane Hard to Spot or Hear

It’s an airplane that can double as a drone. Law enforcement in several countries are using the Diamond DA 42MPP to secure their borders.

This week, Diamond Aircraft showcased their technology at the Border Security Expo in downtown Phoenix.

Pilot Martin Scherrer said from the air the plane can hardly be detected.

“At 3,000 feet you can’t hear it from the ground,” said Scherrer.

There’s a good chance you won’t see it, either. The belly of the aircraft is covered with a special paint that makes it hard to detect in the air. The aircraft’s exhaust pipes are on the tops of the wings which mean it can’t be tracked with infrared seeking devices.

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CPAC’s Immigration Panel—Wishful Thinking, Lies, and Attacking the Base

VDARE | Today’s immigration panel at CPAC was a wondrous journey into a parallel universe. In this fantastical land, “jobs go begging in the streets,” Hispanics plead to be used as helots, guest workers take a vow of celibacy once they cross the border, and the issue of immigration can avoid being “politicized.” It’s fitting that the panel was preceded by an unedited rendition of “Little Lion Man” over the speakers, and the audience (and presumably CSPAN) was treated to Mumford & Sons crooning “I really f***ked it up this time, didn’t I, my dear?”

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