Popular Gun Range Target Blamed for Forest Fires, Called Potential Bomb Source (Video)

FOX NEWS | Exploding targets are popular at gun ranges, but not with federal law enforcement authorities who say the unregulated product not only has caused devastating forest fires but can also be a cheap source of bomb-making materials for extremists.

Selling for as little as $5 and packaged under names such as Shockwave, Sureshot, White Lightning, Zombie Boom, Blue Thunder and the original brand, Tannerite, the targets, or ETs, include an oxidizer — usually ammonium nitrate, and a fuel, typically aluminum flakes. The compounds are sold separated and remain inert until they are mixed. Once made volatile, they create an explosion that the U.S. Forest Service says can ignite vegetation.

“In the past year alone, at least 16 wildfires on national forests have been associated with exploding targets, causing millions of dollars in suppression costs while threatening the safety and well-being of surrounding communities,” said U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell.

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Ballistics Testing: M9 vs.1860 Army

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Massad Ayoob: The Right Carry Gun

DC GUNS & GEAR | It’s human nature, I suppose. Someone finds the right automobile/political party/firearm for himself, invests his ego in the choice, and then decides to tell you what’s right for him is obviously right for you.

Internet, where one recurring meme seems to be, “If you carry more firepower than me you’re paranoid mall ninjas, and if you carry less than me, you’re pathetic sheeple.” With husbands and wives, the 6-foot male of the household says “Honey, I’ve found the best gun to carry, so here’s one just like mine, all for you!” And he gives a petite woman something too big for her hand, or her whole body, or her wardrobe. Ideal outcomes rarely ensue.

For that matter, when the individual finds a single gun that seems best suited to him or her, even that isn’t always the best for all the time, in every place or season. We don’t wear the same clothing in a New Hampshire winter we’d wear in an Arizona summer. We don’t hunt woodchucks with the same guns we’d use to hunt moose. Why use one gun for every single time we carry?

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Once Again Obama Ignores the Rule of Law and Releases the “Dream 9″ Back Into the American Workforce

    The release of these 9 criminal ILLEGALS should demonstrate quite clearly that no matter what immigration-related legislation, if any, that is passed, if Obama doesn’t like it, he will simply ignore it and do what he damn well pleases.

    One Old Veteran

MYFOX PHOENIX | WASHINGTON (AP) — The Homeland Security Department tentatively approved asylum requests for nine Mexican immigrants, including some who were living in the United States illegally but left and attempted to re-enter as part of a protest against U.S. deportation policies. The preliminary approval is unusual because it is rare for the U.S. government to grant asylum to Mexican citizens.

The immigrants were trying to call attention to hundreds of thousands who have been deported during President Barack Obama’s administration. They had cited a credible fear of persecution should they return to Mexico.

An immigration judge will have the final say whether they can remain permanently in the United States, but such a ruling could take years.

Meanwhile, the nine immigrants are likely to be released from detention in Arizona and could be eligible for a work permit in the future.

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Narco News Briefs 08.06.13

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4 Articles From the Center for Immigration Studies

Prosecutor: Seattle Law Would Shield Illegal Alien Burglars, Arsonists, Bombers

Lawmakers in King County, Wash., are considering a sanctuary policy that the county’s own prosecutor says would shield dangerous criminal aliens from federal immigration enforcement.

According to the prosecutor’s findings, the ordinance would direct local police departments to ignore requests from federal immigration authorities to detain dangerous illegal aliens, even if they have convictions for drive by shootings, assaults, gang intimidations, unlawful possession of firearms, burglary, stalking, arson, bomb threats, drug manufacturing, hit and run, and animal cruelty, just to name a few examples. The prosecutor’s office explained that “essentially a first offense conviction is not subject to an ICE Detainer under this policy, no matter what the crime.” The memo listing 30 felony convictions that would be welcomed by Seattle lawmakers is available online

President Obama’s Immigration Dilemma: Saving a Flailing Presidency

Every president has to confront how history will view him and his time in office. Reelection provides some solace and an advantageous starting position for historical assessment, but it is no guarantee. Just ask Richard Nixon.

Presidents need not be great historical figures in order to be considered successful. There are successful presidents that bend circumstances to achieve their goals and those who successfully adapt and navigate the political currents they face while putting their own stamp on the results.

Whichever of these two paths are most psychologically congenial, presidents have essentially three specific ways that they can be “successful” and establish a solid historical legacy. 

Mayorkas Hearing Testimony Subject of Detailed Analysis by Grassley

How much attention did USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas pay to EB-5 applications filed on behalf of Terry McAuliffe’s electric car company, GreenTech?

The question — involving two Democrats seeking promotion (McAuliffe is the candidate for governor of Virginia in the fall election) — may be crucial to their careers, Mayorkas’ probably more than McAuliffe’s. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) weighed in last week with what one observer called a “devastating” 97-page analysis of Mayorkas’ role in the EB-5 (immigrant investor) case. 

Removing Criminal Aliens and Protecting Public SAFEty

There are major differences between the immigration bill passed a few weeks ago in the Senate and the SAFE Act, the immigration bill pending in the House of Representatives, especially in the approach taken toward aliens who, in addition to being in the United States illegally, commit criminal offenses. 

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VIDEO: Mouse Trap

LINK to Other Versions: https://soundcloud.com/rocketron-2

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American Veteran News 08.06.13 (50 Stories)

• 5 Things That Will Make Your Interviewer Hate You
• A new home for Kokomo, IN veterans
• Afghanistan veteran chronicles post traumatic stress in book
• After 30 years as Marines, married sergeants major retire on the same day
• After fighting for country, veteran has trouble visiting family cemetery
• Aurora’s VA hospital woes and the military-industrial complex
• Barber strikes up rapport with fellow veterans
• Fake Wounded Vets Rip Off Program to Help Heroes
• Family of Sgt. Licari overwhelmed by community support
• Famous Veteran – Buster Keaton
• Federal Circuit OKs Plan to Restore Vets’ Legal Rights
• Female veterans in New Mexico reach out to other women warriors
• Free legal clinics for veterans set for Pasadena, Galveston
• Gov. Martinez Wants To Expand Use Of Veterans In Fighting Wildfires
• Help is plentiful for military veterans going back to school
• Homeless veterans can receive free services
• How to Job Search When You’re a Veteran
• Iwo Jima Veteran Who Became a Franciscan Missionary Comes Home
• Korean War Honor Flight planned
• Kroger donates $100K to Honoring Our Heroes
• Legal Clinic for Veterans Hosted by the Corpus Christi Bar Association
• Montevallo to host Honor Flight Birmingham reunion, Spirit of ’45 Ceremony
• Nebraska Veterans Asked to Share their Stories
• North Florida Veterans Record Stories for Library of Congress
• Operation Injured Soldier deploys honors
• Program to help disabled vets
• Remembering Sgt. Chris Schenk- Veteran, Hero and Soon-to-Be Father
• Return to Vietnam lifts veteran’s spirits
• September hearing will focus on VA deaths and medical errors
• Showing respect and honor to the casualties of Vietnam
• Special Programs to Honor Veterans at the 2013 Iowa State Fair
• Suicides drop in ’13, but advocates won’t declare victory yet
• Task Force Narrows Veterans Home to 4 Arkansas Cities
• The painstaking effort to recover millions of burned military service records
• VA Loan Q and A
• Veteran owes thousands of dollars for a bill he thought was covered
• Veteran takes part in special flight
• Veterans Benefit Expo Comes To Sturgeon Bay
• Veterans Prevented From Cleaning Evansville War Memorials
• Veterans, colleges feel effects of GI Bill
• Vets Fall Through VA Mental Health System Cracks
• VIDEO – No Plans to Add Vets’ Health Centers at More Colleges-
• VIDEO – Program to Give Preference to Disabled Vets Rife With Fraud
• Vietnam Vets participate in emotional event
• Why don’t you care about the VA scandal?
• WMAT vets honored
• WWII Japanese flag returned to soldier’s family by veteran’s grandchild
• WWII Vet, 95, Killed by Park Forest, IL Police
• WWII veterans, including a POW, recognized by Winthrop American Legion

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The DREAM 9 Protesters May Have Screwed Amnesty for 11 Million ILLEGALS

NY TIMES | A protest by nine Mexican immigrants in which they tried to enter the country through a border station in Arizona even though they had no valid documents has provoked an unusual public argument among groups pushing Congress to overhaul the immigration laws.

Most of the nine are young people who grew up in the United States without legal status. On July 22, they approached the border crossing in Nogales and asked to be admitted on a special parole. Border officers detained them for deportation, and they are being held in a detention center in Eloy, Ariz.

The most heated part of the debate centers on the high-risk move by three undocumented youths in the group, who left the United States shortly before the protest, knowing they had no legal visas to return. The six others had been deported or had left the country on their own some time ago.


• Gov’t Urged Not to Keep Immigration Activists in Solitary Confinement – LATINO DAILY NEWS

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AR500 Body Armor Test

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Tea Party Patriots Prepare to Attend Recess Townhall Meetings to Hold Representatives Accountble on Immigration


How stupid do RINOs like Cantor, Ryan, Goodlatte, Gowdy, Corker, Alexander, and others that roam the halls of Congress think we are?

We KNOW why they aren’t disclosing their positions on Amnesty for ILLEGALS. They don’t have the cajones to honestly face the people they allege to represent and tell them that they are preparing to betray millions of loyal, hardworking American CITIZENS in order to curry favor with Hispanics in 2014/2016.

Despite what they’ve been told; even if every single Hispanic voted Republican in 2014/2016 there won’t be enough votes to save these hispandering bastards from the political firestorm that will sweep them from office.

We know what they are trying to do. We WILL hold them accountable!


BREITBART | Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin told Breitbart News Sunday host Stephen K. Bannon on Sunday night that her group has a plan to prepare activists for town halls with their U.S. Representatives and Senators on Obamacare and immigration nationwide over the month of August.

“Really, the rise of the Tea Party started in 2009, I guess, it was four years ago, in the summer of 2009,” Bannon opened up his questions with Martin on the show. “We had the meetings, we had the rallies, but it really started with the town halls against Obamacare. Over the next five weeks we have both the defunding of Obamacare, which is being sponsored and driven by Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, but probably more important is immigration and the immigration bill and representatives going back and hearing from people.”

Martin responded with a detailed plan her group Tea Party Patriots has for five individual town halls it is hosting with other conservative groups across the country, and details for constituents attending town halls put on by their congressional members.


• Cantor Won’t Commit To House Vote On Path To Legalization – POLITICO

• GOP Still Mum Whether It Will Consider Path To Citizenship — INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES

• Colorado delegation remains deeply divided on immigration reform – DENVER POST

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Ignorance of Stand Your Ground Means Anti-Gun Ammunition

GUNS.COM | Unlike law-abiding gun owners, gun-control desperadoes seem to have more ammo than they know what to do with these days. Case in point, gun-control rustlers loaded up quickly on the average citizen’s lack of knowledge of self defense law and “the justifiable taking of a life” and have been quite successful at exploiting the emotionally misleading narrative of the George Zimmerman case. The thing is, the trial is over and this nonsense is still going on.

Shoving reality aside, a posse of gun grabbers are still fanning the embers of George Zimmerman’s acquittal  and producing the smoking hogwash necessary to pull off this devilry. Why the president of the United States yearns to restrict every citizen’s fundamental right to defend oneself in public places where one has a lawful right to be — and without a government imposed duty to retreat — remains a mystery. But concern has not impeded President Obama or Attorney General Holder from tacking up verbal warrants for state laws that share what they call a menacing brand of — dun dun dun — stand-your-ground. These misunderstood laws are currently gun-grabbers public villain number one and they have decided to fight him with ignorance. Other peoples.

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AMNESTY: Millions of People Will Suddenly Find Themselves Eligible to Buy Guns

AMMOLAND | PHOENIX, AZ — Immigration reform being debated in Congress will have a major unintended consequence on gun rights in America.

Neither political party has anticipated the effect. With the stroke of a pen, millions of people will suddenly find themselves eligible to buy guns.

The law that currently bans them from gun ownership or possession only affects them as illegal aliens. With citizenship that disability evaporates. The freedom to keep and bear arms, which the Bill of Rights guarantees the rest of us, will instantly be theirs. This will cause a reordering of the political landscape beyond anything Congress has imagined.

When the Minutemen brought the illegal-alien problem to our attention in 2004, we were led to believe their numbers exceeded 20 million. They were members of a class, one of nine groups of federally prohibited possessors, banned under 18 USC §922(g) from owning or using firearms.

Illegal aliens are the largest single class of people banned from exercising the Second Amendment right to arms, with mental cases and convicted felons in second and third place.

The 20 million illegal aliens somehow became 11 million as fluidly as the “news” media changed watermelon juice (what Trayvon Martin bought one fateful night last year) into ice tea, a politically correct beverage that had absolutely nothing to do with that case. The media has become unapologetic and unconstrained by reality when dealing with facts.

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Warning: Backing Amnesty Is Bad for Your Political Health

A headline from Bloomberg really stretches the story into the spin-and-fiction zone. The “news” item claims “Yes Votes on Immigration Revamp Haven’t Hurt Republicans”. Believe that and you’re a gullible dolt. Believe that as a politician and you may find yourself an ex-politician. Anybody with any political sense knows that supporting amnesty is the wrong side of this issue, politically, unless you’re a sold-out soul from a safe ethnic district. When three out of five Latinos back an enforcement-first approach to immigration, that should be a clue not to walk the plank for amnesty.

The evidence for arriving at Bloomberg’s inaccurate conclusion lacks credibility because it uses the highest standard you could use: No primary challengers to GOP Senators who supported S.744.

One of the media-fawned-over and featured lawmakers, Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, was erroneously reported not to have a primary challenger. The Bloomberg reporter got it wrong. Richard Cash, a businessman, has thrown his hat in the ring and Nancy Mace, the first female Citadel graduate, has been actively exploring a race and is set to announce her candidacy. A state senator, Lee Bright, is also widely reported to be considering a challenge. Graham’s primary opposition is swelling.

Lamar Alexander, who flip-flopped on amnesty, has stirred up a hornets’ nest in Tennessee. Tea Party groups are actively looking for a challenger. His amnesty support has spawned protestors picketing along roadways. And the most telling sign of Alexander’s standing on the wrong side of the issue is that his Republican House colleagues aren’t about to follow his lead down the amnesty path.

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Future Headlines if Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Enacted

Republican strategists see immigration reform as the salvation of their party. Leading Republican senators along with a few Republican House leaders are at the forefront of the amnesty push. So assuming they get their way, how will headlines and news reports read in the future?

November 2013. House Republican Leadership Caves; Path to Citizenship Now the Law

The Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill with minor modifications passed the House with strong Democratic support and was sent to the president after Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) brought a conference committee bill to the floor without the majority support of his caucus. Boehner said that passage of the bill takes immigration off the table and ensures that Republican candidates will garner substantial Latino support in future elections. Republican moderates and strategists praised Boehner for his courage in defying the nativist elements of his party.

July 2014. Administration Waives Background Checks for Illegal Aliens

In order to expedite the processing of 11 million illegal aliens’ applications for legal status, the Obama administration waived all background checks for undocumented immigrants. “The vast majority of these immigrants are good, hard-working people and it is unfair to prevent them from obtaining immediate legal status due to an inability of law enforcement authorities to complete background checks in a timely manner,” an administration spokesman said. Republicans expressed shock at the president’s action.

September 2014. La Raza Calls for Defeat of Republicans Who Voted for Immigration Reform

La Raza issued a call for Hispanics to defeat Republican senators and House members who voted for immigration reform. “Republicans who supported immigration reform are primarily responsible for the militarization of the border and for denying legal status to Hispanics who have been unfairly convicted of crimes such as identity theft,” said a La Raza spokesperson. “These provisions clearly show the contempt that Republicans have for Hispanics.” Senior Republican lawmakers expressed shock that they are now under attack in spite of their support for legalization and a path to citizenship for millions of Latinos.

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