Barbour, Rendell: Don’t Expect Immigration Overhaul Until 2014

ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION | Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on Monday predicted that Congress won’t pass legislation overhauling the nation’s immigration system until next year because it will be consumed with federal budget negotiations this fall.

Speaking in downtown Atlanta, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee also predicted the House will pass several immigration bills, unlike the Senate, which passed one comprehensive bill in June.

“Immigration reform is not going to be at the front of the stack,” Barbour predicted about Congress’ focus in the fall. “I do think it will go over into next year.”

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August 25th, Facebook Blackout Day

TEA PARTY TRIBUNE | facebook blackoutEnforcing set rules in an arbitrary fashion is referred to as ‘selective enforcement’ and the Facebook gods are probably more guilty of this action than anyone else on the internet. With ‘selective enforcement’ being recognized as a sign of tyranny…an abuse of power…because it allows certain ‘select’ people to adjudicate so-called justice only when they so choose and to whom they so choose, the Facebook gods have now elevated ‘selective enforcement’ to an art form.

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American Veteran News 08.21.13 (69 Stories)

MoH Winner & Proespective “Saint”, Emil Kapun’s
Remains May be in the “Punchbowl”

WICHITA, KAN. — There’s a “better than even” chance that a Kansas native being considered for sainthood was buried in a national cemetery in Hawaii alongside hundreds of other Allied prisoners during the Korean War who were buried there in 1954, a senior Pentagon analyst said.

Father Emil Kapaun, an Army chaplain from Pilsen, Kan., died of starvation and disease in a North Korean prison camp in May 1951, according to fellow prisoners of war, The Wichita Eagle reported. Chinese Army guards buried him in a shallow unmarked grave, the POWs reported, and the Army always assumed his remains were there.

Navy Names Littoral Combat Ship Indianapolis | WASHINGTON — Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced August 16 that the next Freedom-variant littoral combat ship (LCS) will be named USS Indianapolis.

USS Indianapolis, designated LCS 17, will be the fourth ship to bear the name. A previous Indianapolis (CA 35) is best known for its role in World War II, where it operated from Pearl Harbor and throughout the Pacific escorting convoys and attacking enemy submarines.

Indianapolis’ service ended when it was sunk by a Japanese torpedo minutes after midnight July 30, 1945. Only 317 of the 1,196 sailors serving aboard the ship survived after five days afloat in the Pacific Ocean. Indianapolis earned 10 battle stars for the ship’s distinguished World War II service.

• 6 Ways to Help Pay for College
• 450 American Legion Riders roll through Texoma for Legacy Run
• A vet’s best friend
• Agent Orange and the Continuing Vietnam War
• Air Force volunteers pitch in to renovate home for vets
• Boston Marathon responders and war vets play ball at Fenway
• Buffalo Island Museum receives World War II quilt
• Civil War event on tap at Fort Indiantown Gap
• Cleveland veterans protesting long waits for disability claims
• Documentary highlights sacrifices of Northbrook WWII vets
• Employment for veterans remains one man’s focus
• Flying through time – WWII history in Orange
• Garrison flag to fly at Las Cruces park Sept. 2
• Group prepares to take 70 more veterans to see WWII memorial
• Hillsborough’s new Veterans Court a worthy venture
• Inmates train shelter dogs for veterans with PTSD
• Kid Rock And Montgomery Gentry Help Jim Beam Honor Veterans
• Marine veteran from Monticello, IL returns to Korea
• Military to Police Force – A Natural Transition?
• Murray County Veteran’s Memorial
• My Warrior’s Place gets large grant to benefit veterans, active military
• NCAA Reverses Course on Marine Playing at MTSU
• New Lottery Scam Targets Veterans And Seniors, Uses County Seal
• Patriot Riders stop to pass American the flag in Sioux Falls
• Pennsylvania paper forms partnership to help veterans find jobs
• Port Augusta celebrates Vietnam Veterans’ Day
• Portland Veterans get free eye exams at coliseum
• Putting veterans to work
• RI Veterans Cemetery gets $658000 for new building
• RTI to explore traumatic brain injuries in $62.2M Pentagon initiative
• Second Martinsburg veteran house groundbreaking held
• The Patriot Tour honors wounded veterans and families of fallen heroes
• Two west central Minnesota veterans among 25 to be honored Sept. 11
• USMC Veteran Derek Porter to Speak on PTSD
• USS Midway Museum steps up to honor military veterans
• VA inspectors grill Pittsburgh workers
• VA Tripples Down on Funding to Prevent Homless Vets
• Vermont veterans home will continue to receive state, federal payments
• Veterans Call for Obama to Fire VA Secretary
• Veterans Support Organization leaves Georgia
• Vietnam Veterans of America Congregate in Jacksonville, FL (Photos)
• Volunteers Needed For Next Wichita Honor Flight
• WA Vets Will Clinic Expands to Provide Free Estate Planning …
• Warren, Ohio grave robber gets 18 months for Descxrating veteran’s grave
• Warsaw Uprising Brought to Stunning Life in Movie
• Wounded veteran to find new home in Indiana
• WWII Veteran Yearns to See Memorial
• WWII veterans enjoys Huey ride

Anthony V. Santoro, New Hyde park, NY, US Marine Veteran

Bill James, 83, Ontario, OR, US Navy & Merchant Marine veteran

Billy C. Greer, 66, Dakota Dunes, SD, US Army Veteran

Charles W. Robinson Jr., 80, Sioux City, SD, US Air Force Veteran

Donald Wayne Frey, 66, Florence, OR, US Army Vietnam Veteran

Frank S. Camera, 91, Lorain, OH, US Navy WWII Veteran

Grant Joseph Cook, 86, Boone, NV, US Army WWII Veteran

Jerry E. Anderson, 63, US Army Vietnam Veteran

John R. Doran, 86, New Monmouth, NJ, US Navy WWII Veteran

John Steve Cruce Jr., 67, Social Circle, GA, US MArine Vietnam Veteran

Kenneth M. Hiltz Jr., 88, Dallas, TX, US Army Air Corp, WWII Veteran

L. Eric Solomon, 80, Belle Mead, NJ, US Army Veteran

Leroy I. Wahl, 88, Murrieta, Calif., US Mavy WWII Veteran

Louis ‘Lou’ A. Ughetto, 86, Lewistown, PA, US Army WWII Veteran

Ralph Everett Hamell, 89, Winona Lake, IN, US Army Veteran

Russell Whiteman, 88, Winfoeld, Kansas, US Army WWII Veteran

Stanley Poole, 62, Freetown, MA, US Navy Veteran

Warren W. Arbuckle, 89, Bloomington, IL, US Army, ‘Battle of the Bulge’ Veteran

Willard L. Foresman, 77, Williamsport, PA, US Navy Korean War Veteran

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Over 100 Women Take Up Arms in Mexico to Defend Community Against Corrupt Police, Army and the Narcos

LAHT | MEXICO CITY – More than 100 women in the southern Mexican town of Xaltianguis have taken up arms to protect their community from organized crime groups, a local self-defense force official said Monday.

The women signed up over the past four days with the Union of Peoples and Organizations of Guerrero State, or UPOEG, Xaltianguis community self-defense force commander Miguel Angel Jimenez told reporters.

“We have an average of nine groups” of community police, with each one made up of 12 women who will work in the daytime in the neighborhoods of Xaltianguis, located about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the resort city of Acapulco, Jimenez said.

The women will be trained in the use of firearms and carry the same weapons as men, Jimenez said.

The vigilante group has only about 80 firearms and the weapons are rotated among members, Jimenez said.

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Colorado’s Gun-Control Recall — Second Amendment Restrictions Trigger Pushback in the Rockies

WASHINGTON TIMES | To someone living on the coasts, the fight in Colorado over gun control — often called by its repackaged name, “gun violence” — might be hard to understand. Restrictions on gun-magazine capacities and background checks for all gun transfers might sound benign. So how could it lead to the first recall elections in the state’s history?

Colorado has more guns than people. More than 100,000 men and women hold concealed-carry permits, so people here largely know how guns actually work. Consequently, we are less likely to be rattled from the emotional spin of anti-gun hysteria. We know guns that look “mean” aren’t actually military machine guns, that they function like any other semi-automatic gun (pull the trigger once and only one bullet comes out), that the ammunition they use isn’t “high-powered,” and so on.

We also know the pain of mass shootings better than most communities. We suffered and grieved over the Columbine High School shooting more than a decade ago. That horror put us through the emotional “blame the gun” gambit. However, when the grieving was done, and with the wisdom that comes from perspective, we learned that mental health maladies were at the center of the carnage.


• Rural Coloradans to vote on breaking away as 51st state, angered by liberal policies on guns, energy — WASHINGTON TIMES

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Same Number of Unemployed American CITIZENS Are Equal to the Number of ILLEGALS That Obama Wants to “Legalize” and Give American Jobs To.

BREITBART | A new study from the Center for Immigration Studies found that 57.5 million working-age Americans are either unemployed or currently out of the labor market, a figure that matches what some estimate to be the number of immigrant workers that would be brought into the country by the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

“The number of working-age (16 to 65) native-born Americans who are not working — unemployed or out of the labor market — stood at 57.5 million in the second quarter of 2013, a figure that has barely budged in the last three years,” CIS’s Steven Camarota wrote. “Partly on the grounds that there are not enough workers in the United States, the Gang of Eight Immigration bill (S.744) that recently passed the Senate would double future legal immigration.”

To OOV Contributor, AA, for this Story.

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Do You Think Boston’s 10,000 Irish ILLEGALS Are Picking Strawberries? No, They Are Picking Which American Job They Will Steal From YOU!

IRISH CENTRAL | Boston’s undocumented Irish immigrants continue to push for a comprehensive immigration bill that will grant a path to citizenship for the estimated 10,000 Irish immigrants in the city, despite the House Republicans rejection of a comprehensive immigration reform bill in July.

“We’ve sent busloads of Irish to Washington,” said Kieran O’Sullivan, immigration and citizenship advisor at Dorchester’s Irish Pastoral Center, told WGBH News.

O’Sullivan added that the Irish may help to bridge the gap of the “us versus them” mentality towards Hispanic immigrants in the immigration debate, and that for the Irish, being white, native English speakers removes many of the barriers to cultural assimilation that other immigrants often encounter.

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Wayne Lapierre: Canada’s Roadmap for Your Rights

DC GUNS & GEAR | As stunning revelations from the deepening scandals at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continue to draw headlines, it is clear that the targeting of groups for their belief in the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution could easily spread to Americans who cherish the Second Amendment.

Lost in much of the media coverage of IRS bullying tactics against “tea party” and “patriot” groups is the substance and breadth of the intrusion of federal IRS agents, marked by demands for highly detailed and private information.

Mind you, these targeted groups, approaching 300 in number, had applied for tax-exempt status—the same corporate designation governing the National Rifle Association—so that they could better exercise their First Amendment rights to assemble, speak out and educate.


• NRA President James W. Porter II: Obama’s meanest streets – DC GUNS & GEAR

• Gun Control Day: Stop “Organizing for Action”–take your own action this month – DC GUNS & GEAR

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Why Is RINO Boehner Refusing to Appoint Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi Tragedy & Obama Coverup?

THE HILL | Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other House Republicans are coming under increasing pressure to create a special investigative panel ahead of the one-year anniversary of the terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

A group of special forces veterans has spent $5,800 for three giant billboards scheduled to go up in Boehner’s district this week, and another conservative group plans to hold a daylong commemoration at the steps of the Capitol on Sept. 11.

“If 4 Members of Congress were KILLED in Benghazi would we have a Watergate-style Select Committee today?” ask the billboards, which feature photos of Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “Demand Justice for Benghazi.”

The billboards, sponsored by Special Operations Speaks, call on lawmakers to sign a discharge petition forcing a vote on legislation from Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) that would create a select committee.

Boehner is the main obstacle to the legislation, which would take power away from the lawmakers he has placed at the helm of committees with oversight over the State Department and U.S. foreign policy.

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Mexican Gangsters Poison San Jose Water Supply

BY BRENDA WALKER | VDARE | Mexicans who illegally grow marijuana in California and elsewhere in the US are not like the hippie farmers of Mendocino County who tend their plants with organic values. Nope, the Mexicans use poisonous chemicals from their homeland that are illegal here because of their danger to public health.

A recent bust by the California Fish and Game found a typically toxic pot patch east of San Jose, the third-largest city in the state. The grow of 8,000 plants was located on a stream that feeds Coyote Creek, a water source for the city. One of the Mexican chemicals found was Furadan, a teaspoon of which can kill a person.

Meanwhile, we citizens are urged to celebrate America’s increasing diversity, which in reality means Mexicanization. (See video.)

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Christie Shows He Can Flip-Flop and Pander With the Best Lying Two Face DEM or RINO Political Hack

NRO | Those searching for tangible signs that Chris Christie is preparing himself for something bigger than Drumthwacket need look no further than to the comical events of last Friday, on which day Christie vetoed his own gun-control bill. Why else would a man who has one of the worst Second Amendment records in the country choose to go against New Jersey’s political grain in order to kill a measure that he himself had argued for?

Christie used his conditional veto to water down to the vanishing point two proposals that had passed the state’s legislature by comfortable margins. The first of these would have linked gun purchases with legal records on a digital “smart card” available to a number of state agencies, required all New Jerseyans to undergo training before they could own a firearm, and banned all private sales of firearms. Effectively gutting the bill, Christie argued that the requisite technology for smart cards did not exist and that the training and sales provisions were too draconian. A second bill would have banned all future sales of .50-caliber rifles and confiscated those already owned in the state. This one Christie vetoed outright.


• New Jersey Second Amendment Society comments on Christie’s veto of gun control legislation – DC GUNS & GEAR

• Chris Christie Backs Down on Gun Control – THE NATION

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260 Weaposn Sezied in Largest Gun Smuggling Bust in NYC — Bloomberg Relieved Obama and Holder Weren’t Behind This One

FOX NEWS LATINO | New York – Two men smuggled nearly 260 firearms into New York City over the past year by hiding them in luggage they carried on cheap buses from North and South Carolina, police said.

The bust is considered the largest gun seizure in the city in recent memory.

An undercover city police officer posing as a gun broker brought 254 weapons from the two men in dozens of transactions since last year. One of the guns, a disassembled assault rifle, was transported in a girlfriend’s zebra-striped bag, authorities said.


• Bloomberg Announces Largest Gun Trafficking Bust In Nyc History – BREITBART

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Narco News Briefs 08.20.13

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“Obama Justice”

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Gun Grabbing Colorado Democrat Exploits Veterans’ Issues in a Despicable Attempt to Avoid Recall Election

DENVER POST | A new ad opposing the recall of Senate President John Morse over gun control legislation features an Army veteran talking about the Colorado Springs Democrat’s support for the military.

“I am proud to stand up for John Morse because he stood up for veterans and he stood up for our community,” says Holly Flores, who served 8.5 years in the military and whose husband is an Iraq War veteran.

The ad, from VoteVets Action Fund, began running today on broadcast TV and will air for eight days. VoteVets is registered as a nonpartisan group, but it has been linked to Democratic candidates and progressive causes.

Separate recall elections for Morse and fellow Democratic Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo on Sept. 10 have been a bonus for TV stations in that market, which normally sees little political advertising in the off years.

In Morse’s El Paso County Senate District, voters will be asked whether he should be recalled and who should relace him. So far, only one candidate, Republican Bernie Herpin, is on the ballot.

Last week, the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association endorsed Herpin and urged voters to recall Morse, although he is a a former police chief in Fountain.

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