How to Zero Your AR15 / M4 / M16A2 Platform

Download Your Official M-16/AR-15 A2 Zero Target HERE

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Narco News 09.02.13

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Time to Show John Boehner That America Rejects Amnesty for ILLEGALS

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American Veteran News 09.02.13 (31 Stories)

• 68 Years Later- Remembering Victory Over Japan
• A war is not really over until last veteran is dead
• After 40 years, Linden vet receives his Purple Heart
• Are Veterans Being Taken Care of?
• Ariz. student vets face debt collector over errors
• Big Sky Honor Flight sending more veterans to Washington
• Bronze Star long time coming for Brewster veteran
• Center Recognizes Iraq War Veterans
• Dark days at home and in Vietnam turn veteran into a poet
• Dawson unveils monument honoring veterans
• Equine-assisted therapy available
• Faces of sacrifice
• Friends Celebrate a WWII Veteran’s Birthday
• Hawaii Governor Won’t Fix Home Loan Obstacle for Veterans
• Iowa Civil War veteran gets new gravestone
• Many gathered to raise money for ALS and support a Navy Veteran
• Meet decorated World War II airman Sept. 10
• New monument to honor Seward area veterans will be unveiled today
• Ohio AG seeks help in WWII veteran’s killing
• Profile of Army, Marine Corps veteran Chris Chatwin
• Profile of Marine Corps veteran Josh Rynders
• ‘Rip-off artists’ flock to veterans charities
• Some returning veterans find police work a good fit
• Springfield leaders honor black Vietnam veterans
• Troubled vets need treatment, not jail
• US Army recognizes Edmonds veteran, artist Mike Reagan
• VA to Host Mental Health Care Summit in Lincoln
• Veteran received message of armistice
• Veterans Outreach Center receives $430,000 grant
• Veterans show off their Navy Swift Boat during Festival of Sail
• Wounded Warrior Festival Helps Rochester Area Veterans

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Obama Threatens US National Security, Freedoms!

Barack Obama’s dithering indecision, unsound judgment, and basic incompetence should be of grave concern to all Americans, regardless of class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or political leaning.

Because of the extraordinary power vested in this very ordinary community organizer, his mediocrity, (and worse), represents a far greater risk to American security, prosperity, and society than global warming, pandemic disease, and nuclear war, combined.

His political weakness on the world stage, evidenced by his mauling of the Serbian crisis, confounds friend and foe alike, leaving a vacuum of leadership and rampant instability all about.

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YOU Did It Again!

    That’s right. YOU did it again. You our loyal readers have pushed OOV to a new record in visitors and distributed content.

    Our server analytics show that we had 779,859 hits, serving 253,145 pages of content to 62,281 readers of which 19,608 were first time visitors to OOV!

    I want to send a special THANK YOU to those of you who link to and repost our content on other blogs and in other forums and media, especially Facebook.

    One final note; OOV continues to attract significant international interest with visitors from over 144 countries, islands and principalities. The top 10 include (in order of visits): England, France, Germany, Canada, Israel, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Romania, and the Netherlands.

    YOU are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for your support.

    One Old Veteran

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Obama Angers Many With Reference to ‘My Military

TEA PARTY TRIBUNE | Barack Obama raised a number of eyebrows when he referred to the military as his own private property while speaking of the situation in Syria, Twitchy reported Friday.

“Now, I have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that norm,” he said. “But as I’ve already said, I have had my military and our team look at a wide range of options.”

“Whether it was intentional or just another ‘off-the-cuff’ remark, the president’s choice of words didn’t sit well with many,” Twitchy said before posting a number of disapproving tweets.

“Bush says ‘Our military.’ 0bama says ‘MY military.’. Just another indication of his arrogance and narcissism,”tweeted talk show host Neal Boortz.

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US House “Gang of Seven” Prepare Their Amnesty Legislation for October Push

IBT | After years of waiting and several missed deadlines, the House of Representative’s bipartisan “Gang of Seven” is ready to push its 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill sometime in October, a Democratic staffer close to the group told International Business Times.

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez said earlier this week, while speaking in Republican territory in Virginia, that he’s already signed off on the measure and eager to introduce it. According to the staffer, all the Democrats on the bipartisan group support the agreement and are waiting for their Republican counterparts to sign off on it.

When the Republicans give the OK, the group will wait for the “right bipartisan moment” to introduce the bill, probably sometime in October. By that time the bipartisan group hopes Congress will be over the budget fight, with an appropriations bill passed to avert the threat of a government shutdown.

“I think the work has been done,” the staffer said. “I think they’ve got a good proposal. I think they’re waiting to see whether there is any chance that a comprehensive bill is going to be looked at, or components of this bill could be looked at. But I think there are probably some additional machinations that have to happen first.”

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A Democrat’s Sermon: Catholic Bishops’ Treason Offensive Hits Next Sunday, September 8th

DONALD A. COLLINS | No American patriot should have failed to study the recent New York Times cheerleading reportorial Catholic Push to Overhaul Immigration Goes to Pews (by Ashley Parker and Michael D. Shear, August 21 2013). A huge offensive is about to be launched against US citizens by a (tax-exempt) church, led by a foreign power, for its own secular and selfish motives:

Catholic bishops and priests from major dioceses across the country will preach a coordinated message next month backing changes in immigration policy, with some using Sunday Masses on Sept. 8 to urge Congressional passage of a legislative overhaul that includes a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants.

The decision to embrace political action from the pulpit is part of a broader effort by the Roman Catholic Church and other faith groups that support President Obama’s call for new immigration laws…

“We want to try to pull out all the stops,” said Kevin Appleby, the director of migration policy at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, who said the immigration issue was at a now-or-never moment. “They have to hear the message that we want this done, and if you’re not successful during the summer, you’re not going to win by the end of the year.”

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How to Clean Carbon Off of Weapon Lights

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M16 Full Auto Suppressed

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Park Service Employee Beaten Near Mexican Border

BREITBART | A 60-year old woman working for the National Park Service has been critically hurt in an attack in Arizona near the Mexican border. Authorities have not stated if the attack came from a Mexican national who entered the U.S. illegally, but the remote area of the attack is heavily traversed by both illegal immigrants and narcotics traffickers.

The victim, Karen Gonzales, was found in a public restroom, unconscious and with a serious head injury. A local newspaper reports the victim is in critical but stable condition. They also report authorities released a grainy photo of the alleged assailant in the victim’s government vehicle, showing a man with dark hair.

The victim’s government vehicle had been stolen and was later found at the U.S./Mexico border in the town of Douglas, Arizona. Mexican drug cartels routinely send mules carrying narcotics into the U.S. through the remote area’s canyons, and those mules later return to Mexico for more. This fact, coupled with the location of the vehicle, suggests the possibility of a cartel mule being involved rather than a migrant worker.

The attack occurred in the Chiricahua Mountains, northeast of the border town where the vehicle was found. The mountains are in Arizona’s Cochise County, an area I recently visited on assignment for Breitbart News.

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Obama Refused DEA Permission to Assassinate Chapo

BORDERLAND BEAT | If one high-ranking employee with the global intelligence firm Stratfor is to be believed, not only did the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) once know the whereabouts of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán – the Sinaloa drug cartel kingpin and fugitive from justice in Mexico – but the agency even asked the White House to go into Mexico to kill him.

Among the 5 million “Stratfor memos” published by WikiLeaks in 2012 are several messages from Fred Burton, vice president of intelligence and top expert on Mexican drug cartels for Stratfor, describing classified interactions from 2007 to 2011 between Mexican and US intelligence and even President Barack Obama’s response to the 2010 DEA query. Guzmán, one of the most powerful of Mexico’s cartel capos, was sentenced to over 20 years in prison in 1993 on drug trafficking charges but escaped by bribing a prison guard. He remains a fugitive from justice.

The first of the messages from Burton came on November 2, 2007. “If the DEA can specifically locate the Sinaloa boss El Chapo, he will be assassinated,” Burton wrote. “A decision memo has been authorized to take him out, as a national security threat.” WhoWhatWhy, an investigative journalism website, writes that the “decision memo” could refer to a decision within the DEA pending approval from the National Security Council, or a memo indicating the Bush administration – still in office at that time – could have approved the plan.


• U.S. Fighting Mexican Cartels With Privatized Manned Aerial Surveillance — BREITBART

• U.S. Covert Operation Targets Mexican Drug Traffickers — LAHT

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ZIP22 Ammo Compare

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TR Enabling Nickel-Teflon AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) Review (HD)

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