Obama’s “Lie-Abilities” Endangers the Entire Nation

• A Letter to Liberals Flabbergasted by Obamacare
• ACA fix team has ’50 priority fixes’
• ‘Baffled’ insurers- We warned of cancellations
• Claim – Journalists Knew Obama Was Lying
• Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”
• Dem Rep – I haven’t seen this much panic since 9-11
• Dems in disarray over ObamaCare fix
• Feinstein’s Flip-Flop
• Flashback- Landrieu said she’d be 100% accountable for Obamacare’s outcomes
• Friday’s Defection Count
• GOP warns of ‘constitutional crisis’
• Hatch on Obama’s insurance fix – ‘Cynical Washington politics at its worst’
• House Dems made ACA vow, too
• House Passes Bill To Restore Health Insurance Policies Canceled Under Obamacare
• Insurers Concerned over Lack of Young, Healthy Enrollees in Exchanges
• Obama – ‘Brainstorming’ with insurers
• Obama Vows to ‘Push Back’ Against Critics
• Obama ‘Winging It’
• Obama’s new headache – Dozens of Dems vote for Republican insurance ‘fix’
• Obama’s Obamcare Fix is His Most Illegal Power Grab Yet
• Out: ‘Affordable Care Act.’ In: ‘Health Security Law’!
• Political band-aids do NOT a ‘fix’ make
• Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Claims Cancellation Notices -Not the Truth-
• Senate won’t bring Upton fix to floor
• The breakup with insurers
• The Latest Lie – Obamacare Plans Will Be Better Than Canceled Policies
• The ObamaCare nightmare of LIES and deceit continues
• Upton – Bill ‘prompted’ W.H. to act
• Vulnerable Dems revolt on ObamaCare vote
• Young Voters Turn on Obama

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Should Non-Citizens Holding a ITIN Number, Be Able to Access Obama’s Health Care Network?

I am kind of worried that the GOP lead by House Speaker John Boehner is going to spring upon the unsuspecting public, some disgusting arrangement in line with Liberal left. Enacting a policy something similar to the Senate immigration Amnesty, before any of us gullible public is even aware? Secret negotiations might be going on right now, behind those proverbial closed doors. Both willing to compromise; the socialist Democrats so they can obtain millions of cheap votes and GOP elitists, so they can pacify the business special interests, as they are not specifically happy with the millions plus them import into the country now, but want to promote 30 million more, while sacrificing American jobs.

The problem with Obamacare is the illegal alien invasion, as in the fact of using Social Security numbers to determine who’s eligible? So the question is can an illegal alien applying with a ITIN number gain eligibility to what should only be available for citizens and legal residence. But what I want to understand that when you sign up your Social Security number is collected and then added to some massive data base.

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3 Survival & Emergency Preparedness Videos 11.16.13

Maxpedition Zafar Backpack

Coyote Skinning and Gland Harvesting

Survival/Emergency Kit for the Trap Line

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9 Firearm Related Videos 11.16.13

Special Ops Mini-14?
NRA News
3-D Printed & Smart Guns

NRA-ILA Grassroots
News Minute 11-15-13

BCM Mod 3 Gunfighter
AR-15 Grip Review

Gear Review and Stress Test
AR500 body armor

Is Horndady 75 gr Steel Case
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M-Pro 7
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Postal Match – Sat Nite Special. 22lr

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American Veteran News 11.16.13

• 20-Year Army Vet Gets Shocking Notice From Employer
• A Tribute to Those Who Came Before Us
• A Vet Asks for Help with Student Loans
• After 20 years as a combat medic, vet sets out to become a Registered Nurse
• American Legion Riders honor veterans
• Audit Identifies Concerns in Veterans’ Affairs
• Blue Water vets
• Boy Scout’s visit touched WWII veteran and family
• California veteran suspended from hospital job for using ‘God Bless America’
• Campus vets face PTSD triggers on daily basis
• Canton – Volunteers sought for Purple Heart Home project
• Chemical found in Ft. Jackson groundwater
• Cherokee Nation honors veterans in November
• Congress Unplugged – Veterans and PTSD (video)
• Disabled American Veterans holds job fair
• Eagle Scout project includes flag drop for VFW
• Ellington veterans tell their stories to Center School students
• Fallen Heroes Memorial dedicated at East Fork State Park
• Guards at the gate honor veterans by stepping aside
• Help pair war veterans with rescued service dogs at ‘Bark Business Tour’
• Hoosier Heroes – Helping veterans overcome legal troubles
• How to prevent military’s silent epidemic
• Interviews from World War II project to be shared
• Issa, Duckworth bill would restrict definition of ‘veteran’
• Kansas Veterans’ Cemetery seeks wreath sponsorships
• Kentucky Sees Rise in Number of Homeless Military Veterans
• Military advocates to commission – Be careful with pay, benefits changes
• Myers Students Honor Vets Through Special Program
• New Budget Cut Options Include Military Pay, Vets
• New IT Career Training Program For Michigan Veterans
• Operation Restored Warrior helps heal combat veterans
• Pennsylvania, Ohio will soon offer better opportunities for vets
• Phoenix Marine veteran helping others overcome PTSD
• Soldier’s belongings stolen off moving truck on Veteran’s Day
• Some gave all
• Taos veteran channels grief to help others
• Task force to help veterans get better education
• Tennessee veterans heal through songwriting
• Testosterone Therapy in Veterans Causing Adverse Outcomes
• VA offers dental insurance to vets, some family members
• Veteran now receives aid for Agent Orange cancer after claim was denied
• Watertown History – Soldiers’ Monument rededicated

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Obama to Stop Deporting Illegal Relatives of U.S. Troops, Vets

WASHINGTON TIMES | The Obama administration on Friday carved out yet another category of illegal immigrants it says it will no longer deport — in this case saying that relatives of U.S. troops and veterans who previously served can apply to stay in the country.

The administration said it was making the move because it was worried illegal immigration was hurting military readiness, and this would be a way to relieve some of the “stress and anxiety” faced by troops whose relatives are illegal immigrants.

In addition, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said the veterans have earned the right to have their illegal immigrant relatives stay in the country with them.

“Similarly, our veterans, who have served and sacrificed for our nation, can face stress and anxiety because of the immigration status of their family members in the United States. We as a nation have made a commitment to our veterans, to support and care for them. It is a commitment that begins at enlistment, and continues as they become veterans,” the agency said in a memo outlining the new policy.

The administration said the new policy applies to spouses, children and even parents of troops and veterans. They can apply for parole, which lets them stay in the country for one-year increments, which can be renewed by the department.

Immigrant-rights groups said the move was both welcome and overdue — but also said it shows President Obama could go even further and halt most deportations.

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From Our “Who Didn’t See This Coming” Files: In About-Face, RINO Mitt Romney Now Supports Legalizing ILLEGALS

FOX NEWS LATINO | Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who took a restrictionist hard line on illegal immigration during last year’s campaign, said Friday that undocumented immigrants should have a chance to obtain legal status.

Romney’s support for a path to legal status is in stark contrast to the position many in his own Republican Party have taken on the issue, and a dramatic departure from the views he expressed last year while running for president.

On the campaign trail, Romney said he was against giving undocumented immigrants a break, and that he favored making life so difficult for them that they would opt for “self-deportation.”

But in an interview Friday with CBS News, the former Massachusetts governor said: “I do believe those who come here illegally ought to have an opportunity to get in line with everybody else.”

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Legalizing ILLEGALS Is the Solution to Obamacare: Democrat

WASHINGTON TIMES | Rep. Jared Polis said Friday the key problem with health care right now is that illegal immigrants aren’t included in Obamacare, and said part of the solution is to pass a bill granting them citizenship rights.

The House is debating a GOP-written bill that would allow Americans to keep their health plans that have been canceled under Obamacare, but Mr. Polis, a Colorado Democrat, said the chamber should instead be looking at ways to make sure everyone in the country is covered by the Affordable Care Act — including illegal immigrants.

“American citizens are essentially being forced to pay for the health care costs of people who are here illegally every day, until we pass comprehensive immigration reform,” he said. “We’re wondering why rates are going up. … It’s no surprise. When somebody doesn’t have insurance, their costs are shifted onto other people that do.”

Illegal immigrants are one of the few categories of people in the U.S. who aren’t subjected to Obamacare’s individual mandate requiring all people to have health insurance coverage. They also aren’t eligible for taxpayer subsidies to buy insurance on the health exchanges, nor are they supposed to be getting assistance under Medicaid.

But Mr. Polis said leaving them outside of the health mandate means that they end up using emergency care, but don’t end up paying their own bills — leaving the rest of the country to pick up those costs.

He said the solution is to pass House Democrats’ bill, which would grant a long-term pathway to citizenship for most illegal immigrants. The legislation is known by its bill number, House Res. 15

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WASHINGTON POST on an Obama Administrative Amnesty: Don’t Worry, the President Wouldn’t Do Anything THAT Unconstitutional!

BY JAMES FULFORD | Brad Plumer, writing at the Washington Post‘s WonkBlog, asks “Can Obama legalize 11 million immigrants on his own?” He points out that Marco Rubio warned of this–“”this president will be tempted, if nothing happens in Congress,to issue an executive order” , amnesty fans have been asking for it, and Obama has already done it, in the case of the DREAM Act kids . (Which was Rubio’s point, although Rubio was using it as an excuse for preemptive surrender.)

Plumer [Email him] then goes on to say that Obama won’t do it, because it will be too illegal:

“But, legal experts say, it would be extremely difficult to expand this program to cover all (or even most) of the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants. And Obama only has the power to defer deportation — he can’t “legalize” immigrants on his own. That’s a key distinction here. True immigration reform ultimately depends on Congress.”

Of course, this assumes that  Obama will follow the Constitution, and that if he doesn’t, that a Republican Congress will call him on it, neither of them a slam-dunk.

Here’s what Mickey Kaus said recently, writing about the Obamacare debacle:

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2 Illegal Aliens Charged With Attacking U.S. Border Patrol Agent

BREITBART | Two illegal aliens have been indicted for allegedly assaulting a federal officer from the U.S. Border Patrol and causing bodily injury.

One of the suspects is a Mexican national and the other an Ecuadoran national. The Mexican national is also charged for allegedly illegally transporting migrants for personal financial gain.

Both illegal aliens are in U.S. custody. They allegedly forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded, intimidated, and interfered with a U.S. Border Patrol agent while he was performing his official duties. The Border Patrol agent reportedly required medical attention but survived the alleged ordeal.

The indictments come just one day after Breitbart News released an exclusive interview with Senator John Cornyn pertaining to recent left-of-center attempts at preventing Border Patrol agents from defending themselves. The attempts at reducing Border Patrol agents’ right to self-defense were led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the nonprofit Police Executive Research Forum.

One of the ACLU-connected groups leading the effort to reduce Border Patrol agents’ ability to respond to deadly force with deadly force was Alliance San Diego. The group’s website describes their mission as “a community empowerment organization that builds coalitions to promote justice and social change.” The groups’ website makes clear that promoting the Affordable Care Act and amnesty for illegal aliens are among their top goals.

The men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol are routinely attacked in remote areas along the U.S./Mexico border, sometimes resulting in agents losing their lives for their service. The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) recently spoke out against the U.S. Border Patrol’s parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), alleging that both the CBP and the U.S. Attorney’s Office were routinely refusing to prosecute illegal immigrants who had assaulted Border Patrol Agents. The NBPC asserted that the refusals to prosecute were part of a politically-motivated effort to appease “fringe groups.”

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Executive Order Issued to Cover Presidential Lie!

In attempting to make amends for what must be the most grevious lie ever told by a sitting President, Barack Obama has made matters even worse by resorting to another ugly end run around the US Congress in order to salvage the ill-conceived travesty known as Obamacare.

As reported in the media:

President Obama turned to prosecutorial discretion yet again Thursday as he tried an end run around Congress, claiming unilateral authority to let companies continue to offer health care plans under Obamacare even if those plans violate his namesake law.

The move drew howls of disapproval from Republicans and ignited a legal debate over whether Mr. Obama has the executive authority he is claiming.

“Look, this is going to be litigated,” said Rep. Michael C. Burgess, Texas Republican.

Obama’s latest violation of the separation of powers is only necessary because of the repeated lie, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it!”, which was used to secure votes for passage of Obamacare.

Congress must shut down Obama’s dictatorial take over of the US government and must seriously consider removing this man from office.

Barack Obama’s contempt for the rule of law and representative government must be interrupted before it is too late for America!

Reference LINK

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California

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Obama’s ‘Fumble’ Could Cost Dems & Clinton the ‘Big Game’ in 2014 and Beyond

• A Lawless Fix
• After Apology, Obama Vows to ‘Push Back’ Against Healthcare Critics
• Bipartisan pols – Health plan solution not enough
• CBO – Insurance Cancellations Just Beginning
• Dem candidates anxious for O-Care fix
• Democrats abandon Obama over health care law
• Democrats Face Obamacare Civil War
• Democrats in ‘Full Panic’ over Obamacare
• Democrats – Obamacare fix doesn’t go far enough
• Dems unlikely to back House GOP bill
• Editorial pages pan Obama’s plan
• Health vote puts Dems in pickle
• House Dem on Obamacare: I Don’t Know How He F—-d This Up So Badly
• Hume: Obama ‘fix’ meant to ‘shift blame,’ says media has turned against him
• Insurance companies protest Obama’s Obamacare fix
• Krauthammer on Obamacare ‘fix': ‘You can’t put Humpty Dumpty back’
• Liberal Dem – Obama undermined law
• Little-Known Tax Funding Obamacare
• More Navigators Exposed in New Video
• No real mea culpa in Obama’s litany of dodges and excuses
• NYT- ‘Crisis of Confidence’
• Obama: By the way, the ObamaCare website’s not really my fault either
• Obama fails to calm jittery Dems
• Obama plan could shift blame to insurers
• Obama Tells America About his ‘Problems’
• Obama threatens to veto measure he just called for
• Obama’s insurance “fix” just another example of him “rewriting a law unilaterally”
• Obama’s prosecutorial discretion raises questions about executive authority
• ObamaCare ‘fix’ shifts responsibility to insurers
• Obama’s ‘fix’ for insurance cancellations is not going over well
• Panicked Progressives
• Pelosi – No apology for ACA promise
• Policy cancellation notifications, by state
• President under fire for skirting Congress
• Reid blasts Vitter’s Obamacare quest
• Rep. McCarthy holds lying Dems accountable on Obamacare
• Romney – Obama ‘dishonest’ on ACA
• Senate Dems not fully satisfied
• State insurance chiefs already rejecting Obama’s ‘fix;’ mixed reaction among Democrats
• State insurers head- Obama fix could sink health law
• There is no ‘fix’ for ObamaCare
• Trust frays between Obama, Democrats
• Vulnerable Dems scramble to keep distance from ObamaCare
• White House threatens veto of Upton bill
• Why Liberals Are Panicked

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One of Three Gunmen Who Lured Border Agent to His Death Sentenced to 58 Years in Prison

CBS NEWS SAN DIEGO | One of three gunmen who lured a U.S. Border Patrol agent into a trap in 2009 to steal his night-vision goggles, then fatally shot him, was sentenced Thursday to 58 years in federal prison.

Marcos Rodriguez-Perez, who turns 29 next week, was arrested by Mexican authorities on April 11, 2011, in Tijuana and extradited to San Diego six months later to face prosecution for the July 23, 2009, killing of Border Patrol agent Robert Rosas Jr., the father of two young children.

Rodriguez-Perez pleaded guilty in August to conspiracy to commit robbery and kidnapping, robbery, and use of a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

U.S. District Judge M. James Lorenz sentenced the defendant to 56 years for Rosas’ killing and an additional two years for violating his supervised release on an earlier immigrant smuggling case.

Rosas’ widow, Rosalie, spoke directly to the defendant, flanked by her son, who was 2 years old when his father was killed.

“I wish I could tell you that I hate you, but I don’t,” she said. “I hate what you did. I have no choice but to forgive you.”

The widow told the judge that justice would mean life behind bars for Rodriguez-Perez.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter Ko said the defendant would likely never get out of prison.

Lorenz, who had the power to throw out the plea bargain, decided to uphold it in order to bring some closure to the case.

“I think this case needs some finality,” the judge said.

Lorenz said the case was the worst one he’s had in many years, calling it “horrendous” and saying the Rosas was the victim of an “assassination.”


• Customs and Border Protection sued for using excessive force — KGBT

• Border Patrol pay reform would cut agents’ take-home, but add stability — CRONKITE NEWS

• US Border Patrol has ‘alarming’ alcohol problem, says internal memo and inside source — ABC 10 NEWS

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Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Dead – Don’t Be So Sure

CONSERVATIVE HQ | Establishment Republican House Speaker John Boehner has now publicly promised the American people and the House GOP conference there will be no conference committee negotiations with the Senate on the hated Obama – Rubio Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens bill.

Many advocates of American exceptionalism cheered when they heard of Boehner’s comments, but count us as still skeptical.

We tend to agree with the analysis of Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the leaders of the opposition to the Gang of Eight bill.

Sessions recently observed that House Republicans have given off a bit of a mixed vibe when it comes to how they planned to deal with it. “Well, we just don’t know,” Sessions said. “But I am worried. I do think it’s possible the House could move a piece of legislation and conference with the Gang of Eight Senate bill. But I’ve felt most Americans have rejected [the Gang of Eight bill] flatly as being an extreme piece of legislation.”

In Sessions’ estimation it all comes down to “who do you represent” and that “some of the CEOs think we exist to provide them all the foreign labor they desire at any given time.”

“We [opponents of amnesty] represent the American people. The majority of the American people, by far, a substantial majority, are working Americans who live on a salary and they hope to do better each year and this huge surge of immigration is a direct factor in reducing their wages. We’re seeing a decline in wages, not an increase, and this is in large part–when you have more labor, the price of labor goes down. So first of all, we need to know who we’re representing.”

Sessions is right – big business and other members of the cheap labor wing of the Capitol Hill Republican establishment have by no means given up on their push for amnesty and open borders.


• Democrats still hoping for an immigration bill this year — WASHINGTON TIMES

• At committee hearing, Dems press House to act on immigration reform — VOXXI

• Schumer: Boehner Needs To Pass Immigration Reform To Keep Majority — CAPITAL NEW YORK

• Pelosi blasts Boehner on immigration — THE HILL

• Valley immigration activists upset by Boehner’s delay on reform bill — MERCED SUN-STAR

• FWD.us Hires CTO To Fight For Immigration Reform With Tech, Not Just Money — TECH CRUNCH

• FAIR Applauds Speaker Boehner for Refusing to Conference on Senate Amnesty Bill — SACRAMENTO BEE

• Sen. Sessions: Time For GOP To Tell Amnesty’s Special Interests ‘Get Lost’ — BREITBART

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