“Undocumented” Boomers Head to Mexico!

An Open Letter To Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Dear President Nieto:

As you are no doubt aware, America the Great is quickly becoming America the Gray. The so-called “boomer” generation, comprised of tens of millions of maturing geezers, is rapidly approaching retirement age.

As they age, America’s boomers yearn for a less frantic pace—and a lifestyle that allows one to pause and smell the roses now and again.

In other words, boomers are looking for the “Good Life” which is supposed to accrue to those who work 45 or 50 years, pay ungodly amounts in taxes, raise a family, put children through college, and baby-sit the grandchildren.

Unfortunately, the United States is no longer as hospitable as it once was to graying citizens, especially now that our economy has collapsed, and our government is in the hands of renegade Marxists whom favor younger folks on whom higher and ever higher taxes can be levied.

As a result of the ever increasing discrimination against people of age in America, boomers have decided to move to your beloved Mexico.

Knowing that the Mexican government is a strong supporter of open borders and liberal immigration policies, as least with respect to migrations from Mexico to America, boomers anticipate that their needs and wishes will be fully accommodated with minimal interference and bureaucratic hassle.

In plain English, boomers expect to be treated like upscale Mexican citizens, with all the perks and advantages attendant thereto.

Incidentally, we prefer to be called “undocumented boomers.”

President Nieto, I am delighted to announce that tens of millions of undocumented American boomers are headed to Mexico!

Viva America!

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No Harry, America Knows Who the REAL Domestic Terrorists Are — They Be YOU!

• It’s Simply Time’ — Western lawmakers aim to take control of federal land — FOX NEWS

• ‘Patriot Party’ gathers at Bundy’s Nevada ranch, Reid deems them ‘domestic terrorists’ — WASHINGTON TIMES

• Sheriff caught in middle of Nevada rancher feud — FOX NEWS

• Reid DOUBLES DOWN: Bundy supporters ‘domestic, violent terrorist wannabes’ — DAILY CALLER

• VIDEO: Reid won’t back down from ‘domestic terrorist’ claim — FOX NEWS

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Sen. Sessions: Boehner’s ‘Hellbent’ Amnesty Push Could ‘Sacrifice’ GOP ‘Credibility’

BREITBART | Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said Friday that House Speaker John Boehner’s comments that he is “hellbent” on granting amnesty to illegal aliens in 2014 could destroy the GOP’s chances of winning American voters.

“A weary public has begged and pleaded for years with their elected officials to end the lawlessness,” Sessions said in a statement.
He added:

But from their comfortable station in Washington, President Obama and congressional Democrats have ignored the public pleas. Instead, they have put their collective weight behind an immigration bill that delivers a sweeping amnesty for open borders groups and a huge guest worker surge for corporations. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that House GOP leaders are considering a plan to move an apparently similar immigration plan this summer.

Sessions was referring to a new Wall Street Journal report that detailed that Boehner told a private meeting of donors and supporters that he is “hellbent” on moving forward this year on amnesty.

In response to the WSJ piece and a surge of outrage from new media and the right, Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck downplayed Boehner’s amnesty support. “Nothing has changed,” Buck said, implying immigration efforts remain stalled in Congress. “As he’s said many times, the Speaker believes step-by-step reform is important, but it won’t happen until the President builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to the rule of law.”

But Sessions warned that if Boehner and other House GOP leaders like Majority Leader Eric Cantor try to move on immigration in 2014, they could hurt the Republican Party’s chances of regaining trust with voters across America.

Sessions asserted:

At a time when trust in the President is at record lows, Republicans should not sacrifice their own credibility with such a maneuver. Such action would represent a colossal breach of the public trust: saying one thing before the primaries and then doing another thing after. Republican leaders must recognize that our party is now the last line of defense for American workers. We must proudly embrace this responsibility. Republicans must expose the harm the administration has done—not join it in delivering a hammer blow to the middle class.

• Amnesty, Fake Conservatives, and The Death of the GOP — THE BLAZE

• CIS: More Immigrants Means Fewer Republicans — VDARE

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House Republicans Might Pass Immigration Bills After All, Just as They Always Planned

THE WIRE | Remember earlier this year when House Republicans said they would deal with immigration reform once the primaries were over? Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, House Speaker John Boehner told a group of donors that they’ll pass bills addressing the issue this summer.

At a fundraiser in Las Vegas last month, Boehner told a gorup that he was “hellbent on getting this done this year,” as several participants confirmed to the Journal’s Laura Meckler. Another member of the House, Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte, told a business group in Silicon Valley that he was optimistic about getting something done. Goodlatte suggested that the House would consider five to seven bills that an aide to another representative said would be ready to go in June or July.

There is a very good chance that Boehner was telling donors what they want to hear. The split in the Republican Party is largely between donors and established institutions — who favor moderate policy moves including immigration reform aimed at securing Latino votes for future elections — and the far-right activist base, which supports much stronger restrictions on immigration, political realities notwithstanding. In other words, Boehner might have been telling the donors what they want to hear.

But a timeline of how 2014 has evolved for the GOP suggests that the new report is simply a reversion to form.

    • January 27: The post-primary plan emerges. Meckler also revealed the “wait it out” strategy earlier this year. According to that report, House Republicans wanted to pass immigration reform, but didn’t want to lose their jobs. So they developed a plan that involved waiting until at-risk members got past their Republican party primaries — meaning they didn’t need to worry about candidates motivating the activist base to vote against them — and then pass a package of reform measures.
    • January 28: The plan shapes up. House Republicans went on a three-day retreat in Maryland to discuss the components of those bills. The debate, as always, was how to meet the needs of the Latino and immigrant communities while not giving the far-right the chance to say they were granting “amnesty” to people who immigrated without following the legal process.

• Trojan Horse Amnesty Update — NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE

• Rubio on immigration: I think Republicans have reached a point of “irreconcilable differences” with Obama — HOT AIR

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Obama’s Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, Says ILLEGALS Breaking Into America Are “Inspiring” to Him

• Carney: GOP ‘confusion’ on immigration — THE HILL

• An Immigration Reformer Defends Obama on Deportations — NBC NEWS

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Iowa Rep. King Hits at Facebook Founder Over Amnesty Ad

PJ TATLER | Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) slammed the founder of Facebook for going after him on immigration reform, saying the CEO just wants to pad his profits with more legalized workers.

The advocacy group co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, FWD.us, released an ad in Iowa featuring Alejandro Morales, who wants to serve in the Marine Corps but can’t because he entered the country illegally at 7 months old.

Morales stands gazing up at the Iwo Jima Memorial in the ad as the music swells. “I believe 100 percent what this country stands for. Let me earn it. Let me serve.”

Imposed over a shot of the memorial are quotes from King, including, “We’re not going to take your oath into the military, but we’re going to take your deposition and have a bus for you to Tijuana.”

Another ad states that instead of supporting the military, King “insults the brave soldiers who are immigrants and those who would proudly serve.”

“I am under attack by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg because I am one of the few who will stand up and tell the truth about amnesty,” King responded in a statement. “He wants amnesty because it would benefit his multi-billion dollar corporation, but I’m fighting to preserve the Rule of Law. Why would we reward people for breaking our laws? Rewarding law breakers produces more law breakers.”

Our Nation’s military is full of dedicated men and women and to disrespect them by rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship is an insult,” King added. “I ask that everyone who agrees that illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for having broken the law stand with me.”

• Zuckerberg pushes amnesty via Pentagon bill — DAILY CALLER

• Zuckerberg group goes after Steve King — THE HILL

• Zuckerberg Attacks Steve King To Push Amnesty For Dreamers Who Enlist — BREITBART

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Analysis: Sinaloa Cartel Losing Power in Juárez

BORDERLAND BEAT | The Carrillo Fuentes drug-trafficking organization, with its enforcement arm La Línea, is moving to regain the El Paso-Juárez corridor from the Sinaloa cartel, whose power in Juarez is eroding quickly, according to a terrorism and security analyst from the Texas-based private intelligence firm Stratfor

We began seeing the weakening of the Sinaloa cartel and the strengthening of the VCF (Vicente Carrillo Fuentes) cartel and La Línea in Juárez because of the help of Los Zetas cartel since the end of last year,” Stratfor’s vice president of Tactical Intelligence, Scott Stewart, said.

Stewart was one of the speakers at the second day of the U.S.-México Border Security Summit. Wednesday’s conference was at the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown El Paso.

The Juárez Chapter of ASIS International, an organization that provides private security services to businesses all over the world, organized the two-day summit to promote the El Paso-Juárez region to chief security officers and representatives of U.S. manufacturing companies.

During his presentation of “The Border Potential Treats: Intelligence,” Stewart gave an update on the trends and dynamics of the major drug cartels in México, including the Sinaloa cartel, the Zetas, Jalisco Nueva Generación, the Gulf cartel, the Knights Templar and the Beltrán Leyva organization.

The Sinaloa cartel, which battles for turf with the Carrillo-Fuentes drug-trafficking organization, leaving more than 10,000 dead in Juárez since 2007, still controls almost all Chihuahua state.

• Mexico Councilmen Describe Life of Fear Under Knights Templar — IN SIGHT CRIME

• Mexico: Lack of Rule of Law Leaves Citizens Adrift — SIN embargo

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Congratulations! Your Tiny Town Has an MRAP and Is Ready for War

WASHINGTON POST | Here at The Watch, we’re looking for the smallest town in America to acquire an MRAP, or Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armored personnel vehicle.

For the past few years, the Pentagon has been giving these vehicles to police departments across the country. The unwieldy behemoths have little real application in domestic police work. They’re designed for use on a battlefield. (The Pentagon offers no training to police departments when it gives the vehicles away. And they’ve been known to tip over.)

But police departments are snatching them up. It’s part of the general trend toward more militarized domestic police forces that’s been happening since about the early 1980s.

Below, I’ve assembled a quick (but by no means comprehensive) rundown of towns and counties to have recently required an MRAP from the Defense Department. But we want to find the tiniest town in America whose police force will be protected from any potential insurgent uprising. So far, the leading contender is Dundee, Mich., a sprawling metropolis of 3,900 people. If you hear of a town with fewer people acquiring an MRAP,please let me know. 

Towns and counties that have recently acquired an MRAP:

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Had I Been There Someone Would Have Died

In my 67 years on this earth I sometimes think I have witnessed every kind of stupidity that man is capable of BUT then comes along someone who proves me wrong.

Below is a video report on a stunt that could have gone terribly wrong if the “right” person, someone like me, had been present.

The Idiots de Jour, brothers Jeremy & Jason Holden, decided they were going to make a video about child kidnappings. The ‘plan’ was to stage a fake kidnapping in a public park with NO WARNING given to park goers. The panicked reaction of parents and children in the park was understandable and can be seen in the video.

What the Holdens failed to take into account is that there are citizens who are armed and trained to “take action”, including the use of lethal force, to terminate a heinous crime like a child being snatched from a park.

I am one of those citizens.

Given the situation dynamics, as shown in the video, the driver would have died for sure. That decision would have been predicated on the fact that killing the driver would have removed, or at least delayed, the kidnappers getaway options.

I would have given no verbal warning to stop. I would have fired no warning shots (illegal to do so in some states). I would have put 2 in the driver’s chest and one in his head.

As the local police chief says in the video, a citizen using deadly force to stop these two morons would have been justified in doing so.

Mother Gump was right; “Stupid is as Stupid Does”!

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We’re Coming for You, John Boehner

POLITICO | The GOP has been hijacked. That’s right, hijacked. Over the past 100 years, an elite progressive minority has taken the Republican Party far afield from its conservative platform and the interests and values of its grassroots conservative base.

I’ll admit that, in the aftermath of the disappointments of the 2012 elections, conservatives like me are angry.

We are angry at being blamed for Mitt Romney’s defeat, when we argued from the beginning that he was a Big Government establishment politician and that if he ran a content-free campaign, he would lose.

We are angry at the disrespect shown to limited-government constitutional conservatives who were delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention. We are angrier still when members of Congress, whom we elected, and who want to use the democratic process to push policies based on conservative principles, are told to “get their ass in line” by Speaker of the House John Boehner, and to go along with the Republican Party leadership’s betrayal of conservative principles—or else.

It’s time for conservatives to channel that anger. It’s time to take our party back.

• National Poll: Half of Respondents Say They’re “Less Likely” to Vote for Another Bush — TOWNHALL

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Chicago’s Top Cop Cooking the Books on ‘Declining’ Crime Rate

TOWNHALL | Since the beginning of 2014 Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy have been touting a declining crime rate in the Windy City, but according to a new report by Chicago Magazine, they may be cooking the books.

“City leaders manipulated crime statistics to create the appearance of a rapidly decreasing rate of crime.”

Last weekend in Chicago, 36 people were shot over a two day period.

At least 36 people were shot in Chicago, four of them fatally, in as many hours over the weekend, with more than half of the shootings occurring over a half-day period stretching into early Sunday.

Officers responded to at least 27 incidents, starting at 3:30 p.m. Friday in the West Woodlawn neighborhood on the South Side involving an attack that left a 17-year-old girl dead and two other people wounded, police said. There were also fatal shootings in the South Shore neighborhood Friday night and the Washington Park neighborhood early Sunday, both on the South Side.

It looks like it’s going to be another bloody summer in the city with some of the strictest gun control law in the county.

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4 Firearm Related Videos 04.19.14

Odin Works KMOD
KeyMod AR-15 Handguard

Dry Practice Tips

40 S&W vs .357 Sig
Walther PPQ: Installing Night Sights

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American Veteran News 04.19.14

• In Defense of Veterans
• Respecting the sacrifice of America’s warriors
• The New York Times Owes the Military and Veterans an Apology
• Missing World War II veteran from Ky. comes home
• Two-Thirds of Veteran’s Disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance
• College cost cut for some veterans draws praise in Fayetteville
• Vets group seeks Medal of Honor for Civil War Col. Robert Gould Shaw
• Obama vows to continue focus on veterans issues
• Court reinstates lawsuit over Marine’s suicide
• High-speed eye tests aid in diagnosis of concussion
• Marshall Korean War veteran looking forward to special flight
• Battaglia Reflects on Total Force, Military Appreciation
• Van brings veterans services to Los Banos
• Patriots Point breaks ground on new Vietnam War exhibit nearly 50 years after conflict
• Veteran honored during Orlando Magic game
• Five years later North Tonawanda store owner still giving back to veterans
• Military veteran group lands in Muskegon County offering free storm and flood damage cleanup
• Veteran’s housing proposal gets green light from Joliet Zoning Board of Appeals
• History buffs take in veteran’s museum tour
• El Paso World War II veteran touches milestone

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A Sad Reality…

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4 Articles From the Center for Immigration Studies 04.18.14

A Catholic’s Dissent from the Bishops’ Immigration Policy, Pt. 3
By Jerry Kammer, April 18, 2014

Yesterday’s post described how the Rev. Dan Groody, a Notre Dame theologian and immigration activist, sacralizes immigrants by identifying them with Jesus and the Eucharist. Today I want to relate that teaching to the insights of moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his remarkable book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion 

Hair-splitting Judges Rule in Favor of Northern Border Coyote
By David North, April 18, 2014

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has recently ruled that an admitted alien smuggler, who worked in upstate New York, should not be deported because he did not actually cross the border with the assisted illegals, thus blowing another hole in the already faltering efforts to enforce the immigration law.

The case also reminds us that illegal aliens don’t sneak across the southern border only and that Indian reservations along either border complicate law enforcement there. 

Fewer Deportations, More Repeat Offenders
By Dan Cadman, April 17, 2014

For the second time in a very short span, I am writing about an immigration-related item to be found in the New York Times. Earlier this week, I commented on an article entitled “Hoping for Asylum, Migrants Strain U.S. Border“.

Now I find myself looking retrospectively to an article which preceded that one by a matter of days, and feeling obliged to respond to some of the assertions that can be found within it. This article was published by the Times on April 6, with the heading “More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes, Records Show“. 

A Catholic’s Dissent from the Bishops’ Immigration Policy, Pt. 2
By Jerry Kammer, April 17, 2014

Read Pt. 1

The package of immigration measures known as “comprehensive immigration reform” would provide a sweeping legalization for illegal immigrants and increase legal immigration to more than 2 million newcomers a year. But Catholic bishops think it should provide more.

Kevin Appleby, the director of migration policy and public affairs at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, made that position clear last month at an immigration conference at Notre Dame. 

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