Almost Half of Latinos “Get It” — Why Doesn’t Obama?

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Pro-Amnesty Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Fakes Concern Over ILLEGALS Obama Dumped in Indiana

In all likelihood, Mike Pence will be the GOP nominee to run against the Hillary Clinton/Julian Castro 2016 ticket.

Before anyone starts dancing a “we win” jig take the time to read the “related links” at the end of this WASHINGTON TIMES story and decide for yourself if this is the character and policies of a man you can trust to secure our borders.

I’ll leave you with a political equation to ponder while you decide that question:

John McCain + Lindsay Graham + Marco Rubio + Jeb Bush + Jeff Flake = Mike Pence

WASHINGTON TIMES | Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana is the latest politician to accuse the White House of dumping illegal minor-aged immigrants in his state absent even a courtesy notification — and he’s now penned a letter to the president asking him to send them back to their home countries.

“In Indiana last week, we learned from media reports that more than two hundred unaccompanied children had been placed by the federal government with sponsors in our state,” Mr. Pence wrote to Mr. Obama, Breitbart reported. “Only after these media reports were published did the state receive notice from the Department of Health and Human Services that in fact 245 unaccompanied children had been placed in Indiana during the period from January 1, 2014 through July 7, 2014.”

Mr. Pence also said the children should go home, for their own sake, to be reunited with their own families.

“While we feel deep compassion for these children, our country must secure its borders and provide for a legal orderly immigration process,” he went on, Breitbart reported. “Those who have crossed our border illegally should be treated humanely and with decency and respect, but they should be returned expeditiously to their home countries to be reunited with their families rather than being dispersed around the United State in sponsored placement or long-term detention facilities.”

Mr. Pence also wrote that failing to send back the children telegraphs to the world a “distorted message that illegally crossing into America is without consequence,” Breitbart reported. It also burdens state coffers to provide for the illegals, he went on.

“Indiana will be responsible for the costs of education for these unaccompanied children and perhaps other costs related to their health and welfare,” he wrote, Breitbart said. “School officials need accurate information about unaccompanied children who will potentially be in their classrooms.”

Mr. Pence is hardly the only politician to complain about the federal government’s failure to inform about illegal minor-aged immigrants being relocated to various states.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam just slammed the White House after learning that 760 illegals were dumped in his state absent notification. And Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman said recently to the Wall Street Journal that he was vexed by the federal government’s failure to inform of the illegal immigrant relocations — and he made those comments after learning that 200 were sent to his state without warning or notification.

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• LETTING THEM STAY- Obama reportedly mulls cutback in deportations — FOX NEWS

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Keep Your Guns at Home: Stay Granted in Washington D.C. Carry Case

TOWNHALL | The ability for citizens, D.C. residents and outsiders alike, to carry a handgun open or concealed in Washington D.C. didn’t last long. Just days after Federal Judge Frederick Scullin knocked down Washington D.C.’s complete carry ban as unconstitutional, he has issued a 90-day stay in the case. More from theWashington Times:

 The order issued by U.S. District Court Judge Frederick Scullin brings a temporary reprieve to D.C. officials, who were sent scurrying over the weekend to interpret the effects of the ruling that gutted the city’s restrictive gun laws.

An order issued Saturday by the judge struck down the city’s ban on the carrying of guns in public as unconstitutional. While still struggling to comprehend the scope of the order, D.C. police ordered officers to stop arresting people for carrying legally registered guns on city streets.

D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan asked Monday for a stay either pending a potential appeal of the case or for 180 days to give city lawmakers time to craft appropriate legislation to regulate the carrying of guns in public.

In the meantime, NRA News host Cam Edwards has an idea:

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3 Survival & Emergency Preparedness Videos 07.30.14

Hand Drill Friction Fire In Alaska

Fern Tic Mattress

Fall A Tree With Just A Knife

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5 Firearm Related Videos 07.30.14

Springfield Armory XD
Springfield Armory XDm
Springfield Armory XDs
Springfield Armory Mil Spec 1911
Dolos AR 15 Quick Detach Barrel System

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Only in ‘Obamamerika’ Would US Troops Be Told Not to Eat or Drink in Front of Their Muslim ‘Colleagues’

FOX NEWS | Do not eat or drink in front of Muslims, and learn more about their religion.

That’s the directive that has gone out to active duty military personnel at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, a Department of Defense medical and graduate school in Bethesda, Md.

The brigade commander sent an email to military personnel at the facility last month – just before the start of Ramadan – advising them to show respect to Muslim colleagues.

“This is a period of great personal restraint and commitment in addition to renewed focus on worship,” Brigade Commander Col. Kevin Glasz wrote. “I’d like to encourage you to learn just a little more about this religion, but more importantly, I’m asking you to be considerate and do not consume food or drink in front of our Muslim colleagues; it is a simple, yet respectful action.”

• Obama thanks Muslims for ‘building the very fabric of our nation’ — WASHINGTON TIMES

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American Veteran News 07.30.14

VA Reform Bill ‘Not a Solution,
But Might Be a Step in the Right Direction’

• Anniversary of Korean War armistice
• Golf pros, disabled veterans, team up for a fun day of instruction
• Grant helps launch nursing program for veterans
• In Philadelphia visit, VA official pledges change
• Just what’s in the VA reform bill
• McDonald Easily Confirmed as New VA Secretary
• New registration plate will benefit Gettysburg monuments
• Once we were soldiers – sketches of veterans on the edge
• Pot-for-PTSD researcher denied reinstatement
• Power outage at Tennessee VA reveals safety risks for patients, staff
• Scheduling issues at Ann Arbor VA facility probed
• The 91st ‘wild-west’ Division in World War l (gallery)
• Theodore ‘Dutch’ VanKirk – Last surviving Enola Gay crew member dies
• WWI soldier found 100 years later (video)

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Benedict Boehner Surrenders to Obama on Amnesty With Plans to Go to Conference on “Gang of Eight” Bill

BREITBART | Senate Democrats are angling to include the entire “Gang of Eight” bill in a conference committee with whatever border crisis bill comes out of Speaker John Boehner’s House of Representatives, Politico reports.

“The only way any piece of the House proposal could become law is if it was conferenced with the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, which is something we’d certainly consider,” a senior Democratic aide told Politico.

Gang of Eight Republicans Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) recently issued a joint statement saying they did not want this to happen, but there’s no stopping Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Boehner from entering a conference committee at which this could happen if both Reid and Boehner want to.

But the left is ramping up using its battle plans to force Republicans into a worse position with this too. “House GOP wants to change immigration policy on border bill,” Frank Sharry, a pro-amnesty advocate, Tweeted on Tuesday. “We do too: CIR [Comprehensive Immigration Reform]. Look forward to Senate Dems demanding CIR in conference.”

The Senate Democrats’ boldness comes as Speaker Boehner and House GOP leadership backed down, refusing to fight President Barack Obama’s plans to use executive orders to grant amnesty via executive order to 5 to 6 million illegal aliens in America.

The final legislation that Boehner’s border crisis working group, led by Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), introduced on Tuesday afternoon includes no plan to fight the president on his executive amnesty plans, despite numerous efforts by senior conservative Republicans to get the speaker to do so. Instead, Boehner’s plan offers $659 million for the border crisis and makes a few minor changes in policy that don’t get close to solving what key immigration hawks say is the root cause of the problem: the perennial promise of amnesty to illegal aliens by executive order from President Obama.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) have introduced a plan that would block President Obama’s administration from expanding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that administratively granted amnesty to upwards of 800,000 illegal aliens who say they arrived in America as minors. Their legislation—which has backing from key lawmakers in both the House and the Senate— would bar funding of the documents the administration needs to produce to carry out such an order.

Cruz’s and Blackburn’s argument is that the current border crisis—in which about 60,000 illegal alien minors are being sheltered in U.S. facilities around the country—is a direct result of the promise of amnesty the illegal aliens expect they will receive if they get inside America’s borders successfully.

“What I want to do is solve the crisis,” Cruz said in an interview on Fox News Sunday last weekend. “The cause of this crisis is the promise of amnesty. If you look at the history of this issue—in 2011, there were roughly 6,000 children apprehended coming in illegally. Then in 2012, President Obama unilaterally granted amnesty to some 800,000 people who were here illegally who entered as children. The direct foreseeable consequence of that was the number of unaccompanied children skyrocketed so that this year, the Obama administration is estimating that 90,000 kids will come, next year 145,000. That’s up from 6,000 just three years ago.”

In an interview with Breitbart News, Blackburn echoed Cruz, saying that the illegal alien children are “pawns” in Obama’s “political agenda.” Blackburn said that the “root cause” of the illegal aliens crossing the border is the promise of amnesty.

“When you talk with people who are on the border and who are dealing with this situation, when you look at the escalation rates on the numbers—in 2009, for unaccompanied minors, they had 6,089 come across the border,” Blackburn said. “In 2013, they had 24,658 come across the border. The numbers tell the story. When you go back and look at the facts, you see such dramatic increases that are happening and it is tied to this executive memo that was signed in June of 2012, and then you know what you got to do is get that thing off the books.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, has called on every lawmaker in both the House and Senate to back the Cruz-Blackburn legislation or remain “complicit in the nullification of our laws and basically the nullification of border enforcement.”

Sessions called a previous version of the Boehner working group proposal an “institutional surrender” to Obama’s “planned illegality.” While Boehner has made other minor changes, he has not made the key change that anti-amnesty advocates like Sessions are pushing for: an end to DACA.

Conservatives and Republicans across the conference are sure to be incensed at Boehner’s decision to let Obama do whatever he wants when it comes to immigration.

“The fact is, our southern border is wide open; it is practically undefended and everybody knows it,” Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) said in a recent House floor speech. “The many thousands streaming across it know that if they break our laws and enter the country illegally, they will be rewarded with free food, clothing, housing, medical care, transportation, legal representation and relocation, all at the expense of struggling American families. Ninety five percent of them believe they’ll get ‘permisso’ to stay – and at the moment, they’re right. Until we fundamentally change that reality, the mass incursion of our borders will continue and our nation’s sovereignty will slowly fade away.”

Rep. John Fleming (R-LA), a conservative who has fought GOP leadership to get them to include language that stops DACA and an expansion of it, told Breitbart News on Monday evening that if the House doesn’t stop Obama here there’s no telling what lawlessness the president may engage in next: “If the president is allowed to break these laws, both with Obamacare and with immigration, what is to keep him from breaking other laws?”

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American Outrage Over Central American Invasion Mounting

CAPS | I’ve been reporting on immigration for nearly three decades. Last week had more breaking news, much of it troubling, than any seven-day period since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. Stories were developing so quickly that I left my television on all day to be sure that before I filed a story, it had the latest facts included.

Because blogs are short by definition, I may not be able to include the White House immigration law subversions that offend you the most. If so, I apologize. Because the multiple administration violations create a highly competitive field, I recommend you check back regularly for updates.

I’ll break my blog up into the bad and, yes, the good. First, the bad: One of the proposals the Obama administration has floated would allow Honduran nationals to apply for refugee status in their own country. That is, Hondurans could take the bus or walk to the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa where immigration officials would then meet and vet them, thus avoiding the allegedly tedious and perilous journey north.

Recruiting refugees in their home countries is, to put it mildly, unprecedented. The administration has left purposely unclear the numbers of permanent legal resident status visas that would be awarded. Agencies involved in drafting the program estimate 5,000 will apply, with 1,750 accepted. The facts on the ground, however, indicate many more are probable. Since October 1, more than 16,500 have arrived from Honduras alone.

• Poll- 64% of Hispanics Back Deportations — BREITBART

• Border surge puts Obama legacy on immigration at stake — WASHINGTON TIMES

• The Public Rejects Obama’s Immigration Policies — DAILY CALLER

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Beck Babbles That Conservatives Can’t Win Open Borders Fight

BREITBART | After passing out soccer balls and teddy bears to illegal immigrant juveniles at the border, Glenn Beck declared on Monday that he did not think conservatives will win the fight against illegal immigration and open borders.

“I have to tell you, I’m gravely concerned because I don’t think we’re going to win this immigration battle,” Beck said on Monday, according to Mediate. “I really don’t. I think it’s going to go the way it always does. Because they’re [liberals] going to win the PR battle. And the president is going to change the subject and he’s going to make it about impeachment.”

He then said that Obama, whose administration has been reeling from the pressure from the border crisis, wanted to change the subject and declared that no “serious” Republican in Washington is considering impeachment.

“Do you think anybody in Washington is serious about impeachment?” Beck asked. “Have you spoken to anyone that have given you an indication that they are for impeachment?”

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), though, predicted that the House would start impeachment proceedings if Obama enacts more grants of temporary amnesty through executive actions.

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House GOP Leaders Expect Border Bill to Pass Thursday

WASHINGTON EXAMINER | House Republican leaders expressed confidence Monday that they would round up the votes to pass a border bill before Congress adjourns for its August recess at week’s end.

Members of incoming House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s team of deputy whips said legislative language would be presented to rank-and-file GOP members Tuesday morning during a regularly scheduled closed-door conference meeting.

The legislation was not yet finalized Monday evening, but the bill was expected to cost less than $1 billion and include a collection of recommendations made by the House GOP border working group.

“I think it looks very positive,” said Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., after emerging from a meeting of senior House Republican leaders.

• Tuesday Showdown- House Bill on Border — NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE

• Boehner Goes Silent on Executive ‘Amnesty’ — BREITBART

• ‘A Perilous Hour-’ Sen. Sessions Rails Against Obama’s Impending Unlawful Immigration Order — DAILY CALLER

• Sessions- ‘Americans will not accept nullification of their laws’ — BREITBART

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Guatemala Wants $2 Billion for Border Crisis — One Activist Says U.S. Should Ignore It.

DAILY SIGNAL | Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina says $2 billion in federal aid and other U.S. investment in Central America could help end the flood of immigrants across the U.S. southern border.

But it’s a fool’s game, says the leader of a charity serving immigrants from Honduras.

“I think giving money to these governments is a serious mistake,” said Francisco Portillo, president of the Honduran Francisco Morazan Integrated Organization in Miami. “Corruption in our country [Honduras] is huge, no limits. And the money they are talking about is coming from our taxes.”

Giving money to Central American governments in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador is basically the same as throwing it away, he said.

Instead, Portillo said, President Obama and Congress should “ensure it is spent on helping these children who are returned to their countries.”

Guatemala’s Molina said to “attack the root of the problem,” the United States needs “to think about making investments in countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.”

Since 2008, according to a Washington Post report, the United States has sent about $528 million to the three countries for security and law enforcement. The U.S. Agency for International Development in 2012 spent $148.4 million among the three countries for education, economic development, democracy, environment, heath and more.

But things not only haven’t improved, they’ve gotten worse. Nearly 60,000 unaccompanied children have already crossed the border this year.

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Hillary Flip Flops, Toes Party Line on Border Crisis

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON | Hillary Clinton is finally toeing the Democratic Party line with respect to the immigration crisis on the southern border. In an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Thursday, Clinton sided with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), who opposes any changes to a 2008 anti-trafficking law that would make it easier to process—and, if necessary, deport—the tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children who have crossed the border in recent months.

“No, I don’t agree that we should change the law,” Clinton said. “That’s why I’m advocating an appropriate procedure, well-funded by the Congress, which they are resisting doing, so that we can make individual decisions.”

• Hillary- On second thought, maybe some of these illegal immigrant children shouldn’t be sent back — HOT AIR

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Perry Says Deploying Troops to Border Sends a ‘Powerful Message’

DAILY SIGNAL | Texas Gov. Rick Perry compares the role of National Guard troops at his state’s border to the deterring effect that cop cars stationed along neighborhood roads have on crime.

Perry, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, said even though the 1,000 military troops he activated to help manage the border crisis in his state will not be authorized to make arrests, the sheer presence of the military will deter illegal activity.

“It’s a powerful reminder that what you are doing is a crime,” said Perry, who has been a critic of the White House’s response to the border crisis. “It’s just like a law enforcement effort in your neighborhood, where you see a parked patrol police car on the corner, and the bad guys see it and don’t commit a crime.”

By announcing plans to deploy the National Guard to the border on his own rather than through the federal government, Perry has the power to order the troops to make arrests and apprehensions.

But Perry, perhaps responding to critics who worry about the troops’ lack of training in immigration law, told The Daily Signal he has decided not to give arrest power to those deployed to Texas’ border with Mexico.

“Their real job is not apprehension,” Perry said. “Border Patrol apprehends.”

• Gov. Perry Could Give National Guard Arrest Powers — TOWNHALL
• California Gov (Not So) Subtly Criticizes Texas’ Decision To Deploy Troops To Border — FNL
• Brown Heads to Mexico to Explain Why 50% More Unemployment is Better — BREITBART
• Jerry Brown Turns to God, Calls for Open Borders — BREITBART
• Mexico, California question Texas border troop plan — YAHOO
• Young migrants a humanitarian issue, California gov. says in Mexico — FNL

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Watch: Emily Miller Explains New DC Firearm Carry Rules

TOWNHALL | In a major victory for Second Amendment rights over the weekend, U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin struck down the Washington D.C. total ban on concealed and open carrying of firearms as unconstitutional. The ruling came after a five year long court battle and effective immediately, D.C. police cannot arrest someone for carry a legal firearm.

In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision striking down the city’s 32-year-old ban on handguns. Since then, the city has rewritten its laws, lawsuits have been filed and even Congress has waded into the fight.

In a decision made public Saturday, Scullin concluded that the Second Amendment gives people the right to carry a gun outside the home for self-defense. He cited two U.S. Supreme Court cases as important to his ruling — the 2008 opinion striking down the District of Columbia’s ban and a 2010 ruling involving Chicago’s handgun ban.

“There is no longer any basis on which this court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny,” wrote Scullin, who was appointed by President George H.W. Bush and is a retired Army colonel.

This morning Emily Miller, author of Emily Gets Her Gunand an expert in understanding D.C. gun laws, explained on Fox and Friends what the ruling means for carrying a firearm in the District.

“Anyone who is a none D.C. resident who legally can carry in their home state, whether open or concealed, can carry in D.C.,” Miller said. “D.C. residents, if you have a registered gun like I do, I can carry. If you do not have a registered gun you can still be arrested on the unregistered gun law.”

• D.C. police told not to arrest people carrying legally registered guns — WASHINGTON TIMES
• D.C. rushes to prevent horde of law-abiding citizens from entering city — HOT AIR
Boston Police Commissioner: I Say Who Needs a Gun! — DAILY CALLER

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